By WeddingWoes - 03/11/2012 19:42 - United States - Columbia

Today, I sampled some of the food my fiancée's mom is making for our wedding. Everything tasted terrible, and I almost vomited. Turns out she never actually went to culinary school as she claimed, but had just watched Julie and Julia. It's too late to book another caterer for the wedding. FML
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TheDrifter 23

F your fiancée's life for having to grow up on her terrible cooking.

brittanyrmh_ 12

Julie and Julia is the equivalent to culinary school, didn't you hear?


Wow, really? It sucks? I never would have thought.

And your fiancée didn't tell you this because...??? I mean, it's their own mother.. They should know

Really? You were to lazy just to put that sucks or it sucks to be you, all you could do was put "sucks!"?

The last time someone put this, the mods changed it to "my comment sucks". And so we wait...

brittanyrmh_ 12

Julie and Julia is the equivalent to culinary school, didn't you hear?

simron_15 3
Psych101 9

Yeah! And if you watch House, it's the equivalent of medical school.

brittanyrmh_ 12

If you watch Dexter you're a serial killer. Cool, huh?

sugarshane007 20

And watching Bruce Lee movies makes you a black belt, obviously.

19 has just changed my career path forever!

Maybe you can pay extra for late notice for a caterer? It'll be pricey if you can get it at all but at least you won't have horrible wedding food.

doctorwhofan567 2

Damn 40, your comment is an FML.

Just about every time Lauren comments some jackass has to say something douchie about her love for Justin Beiber. After 136 comments that shit is getting really old.

Akumie 6

Honestly, i don't see why people hate him so much. I mean, most people haven't herd one song. They just follow the crowd. I think he's okay, and from what I've seen, he seems like a nice guy. Just because I'm not a fan of his music doesn't mean he sucks.

I'm pretty sure that everyone heard the songwriting abortion that was 'Baby'. don't defend his music. The kid is nice, but his music is shit and his fans are worse. That's not aimed at Lauren, just his stupid preteen fan girls.

olpally 32

I've said this before, leave the bieber girl alone! We've gone over this countless times... If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all... Sheesh.

At least his voice lowered a bit. When I heard the song Baby, I couldn't tell if it was a girl or a guy singing it.

78, just like when MmmBop by Hanson came out. No one would could tell of it were guys or girls singing it. Their music video didn't make it any easier lol.

Why would she say she can cook? Is this a common thing? It's worth paying more for good food!

94, I'm wondering why the mother lied as well. Nearly all lies are eventually caught and this lie happens to affect their wedding.

TheDrifter 23

F your fiancée's life for having to grow up on her terrible cooking.

She really should have warned him though.

Maybe she doesn't know her moms a bad cook cuz that's all she knows haha

OP, can you cook? If yes, now is the time to be your fiancé's hero, and save your wedding dinner! Go forth now and fulfil your destiny, for this is it! Ok cheesy bullshit over now, seriously though, if you can't, find one of your friends who can.

Surely you can cook OP! Or just go to Kroger and buy some fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Chixken 6

Feel bad for your guest...F their life :(

If students can live off mac and cheese, so can your weeding guests. ;)

gmc_blossom 21

This is what comes of not proof reading.

guests at a party which involves the removal of weeds from your garden or a party where you get stoned....