By Paul - 02/05/2013 01:52 - United States

Today, my boss called me into his office. After yelling and firing me, his assistant comes in telling him he had mistaken me for someone else. He did not give me my job back, as he claimed it would make an awkward work environment. FML
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You can use the assistant as a witness and sue your boss for Wrongful Termination

Some how I think the assistant will "dis-remember".


You can use the assistant as a witness and sue your boss for Wrongful Termination

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Heck yeah! He is wrong in so many ways!

Some how I think the assistant will "dis-remember".

if it were in a court the assistant would run the risk of perjury

The company might accept to work out an agreement with OP before taking the risk of a court decision.

Considering the threat of court and possible media interest, I would bet it would be a nice agreement/settlement

That all depends on whether OP lives in an "at-will" or a "right-to-work" state. If it's an at-will state, then there isn't much he can do, since employment can be terminated at any time, with or without notice or reason.

This is one of the first times I've seen someone on here suggesting suing with a logical reason.

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Even if OP lives in an at-will state, if he was employed under contract or part of a union he still has a right to sue for wrongful termination.

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**Constitution Doesn't make you right, I'm just appalled you misspelled it.

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Us his name bobby ? Sounds like my dumb as shit control freak of a boss that just goes off on people

That's not necessarily true. Even if an employee has a contract, that contract can be terminated without reason in an at-will state. Most at-will companies will actually have a statute in the contract stating the company has the right to terminate at-will. Contracts at at-will companies tend to focus more on pay-scale. (You are contracted to make x amount of money per year if you meet y criteria and are eligible for a bonus or raise for meeting z criteria). Also, if there is a union, then the company is no longer at-will. The state might be, but unions function differently and the company looses the at-will status. If there is a union, then the boss would not have been able to fire the employee without following specific steps, meaning there is a long process and there is no "calling into an office to fire." The employee who is at risk in a union is made aware that their performance does not meet the standards and the company is usually required to go through an improvement plan - or loads and loads of paper work and time - before they can be terminated

Horseshit firing if you asked me. I'd find a way to fight it, unless you'd rather not work for a tard like that lol.

He could actually get into deep trouble for that. At least you're no longer working for a shit-eating boss.

I still don't understand how some of these things on here are ever allowed to happen? I know the US has different labor laws, but this can't be possible, can it?

Yeah sometimes I feel as if the US is some kind of third world country when I read FMLs like this.

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At least you don't have to deal with him again.

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Get a lawyer! At least you can collect and enjoy your Summer!

I'm sure you can hire a lawyer and get your job back. It looks like a clear unlawful dismissal.