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  jocamo  |  24

I've actually experienced the good side of the rule of three. The wins were small, but in one month I won a door prize for an event I was invited to last minute, a free fries from McDonald's Monopoly game and a free rib dinner on my favorite restaurant's Facebook page.

By  tygerarmy  |  35

I hope you didn't let your boss fire you and hang up. Correct your boss, don't go too crazy, because if you need the boss for a future reference, but always stand up for yourself.

  tygerarmy  |  35

No, he won't be a great reference. But, the OP could've been fired for any number of reasons, and as long as they didn't have a personality conflict with the boss, they may still give them a referal. If the boss won't then I hope the OP let their ex-boss have it.

By  ezrajab  |  22

Show up tomorow resume and all and say I am the intern you fired yesterday what's my new job description