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Today, the workplace evacuation bell sounded. Out of panic after the recent earthquake, I ran down 21 flights of stairs, only to find out it was a false alarm. My legs are on fire, and I can barely walk. FML
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Perhaps this is a sign to work out more. If you did that everyday you'll get killer legs :D

Notime4bull 4

OP is obviously half human torch.


Now if OP had gone and done a Bruce Willis they would have saved themselves a lot of running

I heard of this new thing, it's called an elevator. Ever heard of it?

14, don't be an idiot. If there was an earthquake, an elevator can get stuck or the rope can break and you'll be flying down a few stories. You're an idiot. I just want to punch a hole in the wall.

ISOfat 1

14 - You're so dumb. You're not supposed to take the elevator during an evac bell.

14, You're usually not allowed to use elevators during emergencies.

I'm talking about using the elevator to get back up since it's not a real earthquake and OP can "barely walk"..........

Maybe OP should do more walking or running?

24- But that is not the main point of the FML. There was no indication that OP had not done so. The OP only said they ran down 21 flights and can barely walk. Never mentioned they limped, crawled, turtled up the damn flights.

n_epic_fail 14

OP, go home relax eat a brownie or two. u earned it!

burninnapalm 5

Omg, you east coasters flipping out about an earthquake that resulted in very little damage, no deaths, and only self inflicted injuries... It was a 5.8. Big deal... Come see me when you sit through a 8.6 with out even getting worried, like most west coasters, and you will have some right to be worried

At least you didn't have to run back up the stairs

49- you're also a dumbass. Why the **** are you bragging that where you live has massive earthquakes? I hope one of these massive earthquakes that you brag about happens and a piece of wood hits you on the head and you realize how stupid you are. I punched that hole in the wall.

^^^ Lol, and I thought I could be a blowhard sometimes xD

You guys are "rocking" the comments with all these arguments, but you still "crack" me up. By the way, I think this FML is OP's "fault".

burninnapalm 5

53 - a 5.8 is only like 1 minute of light shaking. Nothing to get worried about, as it is required by law that all buildings built be tested to up to a 7.5. So even if it was OP's first earthquake, the most that would have happened is a book fell off a shelf, or maybe a picture fell off. The point remains that there is no need for op to react that way, and run down 21 flights of stairs. Besides, if OP got tired from running DOWN stairs, than they need to stop eating the Twinkies, as they are probably fat enough that each of their steps produces an earthquake. Running DOWN stairs is the easiest form of exercise you can do, as gravity is helping you.

truebrotrue 7

maybe you should come sit through a hurricane,see how that feels

burninnapalm 5

Got typhoons over here... Same thing

what if the building OP was in didn't have elevators?

iianalove987 7

At-least they've gotten a workout out of this whole ordeal. :)

If 21 flights of stairs exausted you that much, maybe the exercise was a good thing :P

mynameisumm 4

81- you gotta remember that in the east coast people are still terrified of 9-11 thats why when theres even slight shaking there might be evacuations so she did have to run down all those stairs

ooooooooooooh 4

OP could be from Christchurch in New Zealand where they've been having earthquakes everyday since February

Well **** you all, we have snow here in Canada ! Talk about dangerous flakes of whiteness.

91, if it has 21 flights of stairs I'd day it is more than a safe bet that they have elevators. No building that tall wouldn't.

123, the fact that is says the OP is in the USA gives away the fact they aren't from New Zealand... It'd say New Zealand if they were and likely include, "this happens every day FML."

Finn_the_human 5

Well when it really happens you'll be ready.

BooGhosted 0

127 I love you and want your banana.

shortrevolution 0

People on the east coast don't usually have earthquakes and when we do they are a big deal no matter the magnitude. -_-

149 I'm also a male, so you might want to reconsider what you said. Or if you confirm that you're gay, them come in Quebec and I might let you touch it.

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If you don't have an elevator, good luck walking UP those stairs... But you probably have an elevator so... Nvm

The main rule in an evacuation is to calmly walk unless of course you're in immediate danger. OP could have endangered somebody in a real crisis running down the stairs like that I have no sympathy for them..

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SugarCrazy 14

Figure of speech. Op's legs are burning from strain, and are not literally on fire.

Notime4bull 4

OP is obviously half human torch.

12- God I hate when people correct people who are merely being sarcastic...

Don't worry how they caught fire. Grab the extinguisher!!

Wow and op ran DOWN stairs. I would get itif she ran UP stairs though

He doesn't mean it literally... -__-

Perhaps this is a sign to work out more. If you did that everyday you'll get killer legs :D

Definitely. From running DOWN the stairs. (sarcasm)

nunsrtight69 0

or learn to press down on the elevator.

itsmeyippie 0

5, That picture is awesome, and for 77, when fire/earthquake alarms go off you know that you do not use the elevator

KY_Jelly 10

I wouldn't run down stairs unless you see flames.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

You're basing this decision on what *I* see? Why thank you, sir.

oreobunbun 3

At least you got to run down the stairs instead of up the stairs?

borkchop1992 15

you are out of shape and overreacting

Okay. You run down 21 flights of stairs and see how you feel

whippymcdumb4zs 0

It's not that hard to do... Dig a 30yard long hole that's 4 yards across and 3 deep thru hard pact dirt in a 10 hour time limit without a track-ho. That's hard to do.

n_epic_fail 14

21 flights? take a crack at it, but make sure I'm there to laugh when u wave the white flag.

DudeItsMelvin 0

Actually running down stairs is really easy and fun. Now if it was up, I'd sympathize but, it's not.

itsmeyippie 0

Stairs are easy to go down, I could, and have gone down that much easy...

If you think that's tough then you should work out more.

lol on fire from running down stairs.... you really need to hit the gym ip more OP:/

MsMeiriona 2

From 21 flights? My legs hurt just thinking about it!

teamholcombe 0

What about the key around his neck?? You know who wears a key around there neck, sixth graders.

10, you look like you need to hit the gym too.

itsmeyippie 0

I always used to wear my key around my neck in sixth grade :p