By gt - 23/09/2010 00:52 - Canada

Today, my boss fired me because I corrected him after he misspoke during a meeting. FML
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Oh darling, no!! No no no no!! NEVER correct your boss! You're just ASKING for unemployment when you do that! If they're higher up than you, they're always right, even when they're wrong!

ydi for being a smartass


no. just stupid...

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Oh dear god. I really hop you know that it is all one word. Karma.

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Are you saying dogs lay eggs? Huh well guess you learn something new everyday!

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That's unfortunate.

OP clearly chose to do this on his own though. Its a YDI if he chose to speak out DURING the meeting but if he said it depends on whether or not it was something that really needed correcting and how they approached it.

ydi for being a smartass

OP corrected the boss AFTER a meeting. It's not like OP pointed out in the meeting, "Hey that's wrong!", when the coworkers were there.

Forget that... and curse anti-flood!!!

No, it doesn't say that the OP corrected the boss after the meeting. It says the OP corrected the boss after he misspoke DURING a meeting.

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The sentence is totally unclear about whether or not the OP corrected the boss during the meeting, which makes a huge difference in whether or not it's FYL or YDI.

the way he has written it definately makes it sound like it was during a meeting and in that case YDI for being a ginormous douche

#49 - no, she corrected him after he mis-spoke. which is probably right after if you're asking me. OP: Ohh!! ain't that just a kick in the gut. Yes, YDI for trying to undermine your boss, but FYL for actually losing your job.

No its ydi for not taking a shit on his desk!

Oh darling, no!! No no no no!! NEVER correct your boss! You're just ASKING for unemployment when you do that! If they're higher up than you, they're always right, even when they're wrong!

I agree, especially when it was something so unimportant as misspeaking. Why would you do that to your boss in front of other people, even if he's wrong?

no, that's very incorrect.

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If you are using tact, then by all means, correct the individual. I have corrected bosses, supervisors, and foremans, etc many times because in the fields I work , terminology and detail are very critical.

I agree never correct your boss in a meeting...if it's so important talk with him privately after. Interrupting someone just to correct them is unprofessional. OP, if I were your boss I may have fires you too, especially if you do things like that often.

100- well misspeaking is even more unprofessional and the boss should be happy he has a smart employee. stop being a downer, optimistic is teh way to go

The boss can be wrong, as long as you can construct a proper argument for why, and discuss it in private, not public. The boss will even appreciate you more, presuming it's something important.

you cant even spell "fired" properly

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What a douche.

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101- lol

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blow his house up

r6_fml 4


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If you corrected him durring the meeting infront of everyone then you deserve it.

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agree, unimportant things like that could be handled after the meeting...

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shove his hand down your pants then sue him for sexual harassment.

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Not a win. OP would be the one sued since more than likely there would be security cameras catching OP grabbing him and taking his hand. And seriously, that's still nasty. There are many ways besides sexual harassment to get back at someone.

grammar nazi in real life! :o