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By  aGMAELSTR0M  |  10

Considering that you don't live in a Right-to-Work state, I feel it safe to assume you're a union member, which I'm pretty sure means you can take that nonsense straight to HR for a fair representation of your case. Good luck, OP

  mariri9206  |  32

It's also an at will state so OP's employer can fire them (or anyone) at any given time without reason or cause, provided they haven't done anything to give OP beliefs that it's a discriminatory firing.

Right to work has to do with the decision of joining or not joining a union not affecting your chance to work, not firing you after you've been hired.

By  KingSquisher  |  13

That would suck, but right after going to get ice cream during work hours, taking a walk during work hours, watching a movie during work hours, meeting new people during work hours, other location based activities during work hours, and then finding a better job.