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Today, my book bag was so heavy that it set off my car's passenger detection system in the front seat. I had to buckle in my textbooks. FML
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This generation is going to have the worst back problems because of this kind of shit. FYL.

At least you know the safety system works. :)


At least you know the safety system works. :)

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5- all of our books and notes have been transferred to iPads. They're pretty neat and we have less weight on our backs(:

And when your iPod breaks you'll have no weight on your back! Books>Ereaders

Never heard of Lockers? Don't know about you guys but when I spend 8 hours at school I put my lessons I have after the first break in my locker. Then when the break is over I put the books I used the previous lessons into my locker and the lessons I have before second break in my bag etc. etc. Or do I just totally don't make sense?

63- depending on the size of the school and the length of time between classes not everyone can make it to their locker and get to their next class on time.

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Most schools don't have lockers in Australia :( I know I've definitely stuffed up my spine carrying my textbooks, it's ridiculous that we have to carry around that much weight

63- I used my locker when I was in high school but by the end of the day I had to take most of them home because of homework.

63- Also, not all schools have lockers. Mine doesn't, for example.

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Isn't one of the first rules of driving the fact that you ought not put anything in the passenger seat that could go flying and cause a distraction? I guess your car safety alarm was trying to save your life! :)

63 is partially right. In my high school we had 4 classes in a day, 2 in the AM and 2 after lunch. So it was possible to just carry the 2 sets I needed at a time, which thinking back was quite relieving. However some schools have 6-7? classes in a day... yeah F their lives!!

I had eight classes in a day! It sucked but now I'm in college!! Whoo hoo! Now I just have more difficult homework and two jobs. :-/

Sorry that didn't make sense. I don't think that is really funny.

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Oh my! F your life dude that must have sucked!

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Why? Is it because you can't understand it or simply just don't like it??

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Like I said I highly like homework lol

He hates school. It's pretty obvious he doesn't like it.

Me too but how is this an FML lol! This website is called FK my life. FK your life because you have to buckle your bag in the passenger seat? Lmao '_'

Lol mods remove my comment saying that this FML is not really an FML ok you know I'm right moderators :)

This generation is going to have the worst back problems because of this kind of shit. FYL.

I was left with a hunched back after high school and had to wear a back brace and do rubber exercises to strengthen my back to fix it. Only until last year, after college, could I finally stand/sit up straight.

#4 I agree with you. Schools don't allow backpacks with wheels and the weight these kids are expected to carry, are down right cruel!

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I seriously think it's getting to the point where most schools should have the students get either an iPad or a laptop and maybe like 1 or 2 notebooks, I'd rather pay for those than a hospital bill when my back breaks.

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That's not that heavy I carried a 75 lb bag for 7 months and I don't know anyone who has back problems, it's not that bags are too heavy it's that people are too indignant, now go ahead and downrep me for not being and idiot

Well, I guess not every kid not is a mule, 41.

In my freshman year of high school, it took a week for my school to find me a locker. Meanwhile, my 102 pound body carried over 80 pounds of books to avoid detention for coming to class unprepared. One fine day, I got lightheaded trying to make it to class on time and fell backwards down the stairs. Thank goodness I had a figure skaters balance and reflexes to avoid breaking my neck as well as the necks of the students behind me. I'm lucky I only got badly bruised and didn't fall on someone. Backpacks and books DO get too heavy for some people to carry without risk. I down voted you because you are, in fact, an idiot :) Have a nice day!

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You don't need to be a mule to carry a 30lb bag, it's all just conversion disorder kids hear in the news that their backpacks are too heavy and all of the sudden what isn't actually a problem becomes an insurmountable burden

agonydrum 7

Okay sicksadworld obviously were not talking about 80lb bags that is obviously an extreme situation, do no, you're still an idiot but thanks for playing

TheDrifter 23

What are people carrying nowadays? 5 textbooks, with matching binders and writing utensils has been standard for 4 generations now.

Just dont reply anymore mr. Agony, you will be downvoted everytime for that ridiculous comment.

agonydrum 7

What part of that comment was ridiculous, no I'm sorry that's too high a standard what part of my comment was mildly disagreeable?

I disagree. Look at kids who enlist in the military. They easily carry 75lbs. and up in the baking sun. THEY have it rough!

agonydrum 7

Don't bother 97 nobody here wants to listen to the obvious reality, they're just a bunch of children who want to believe they have it rough and try to stamp out anyone who says different

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Some books can be carried with your arms. I did that in high school to make it easier on my back. Plus my backpacks kept ripping.

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51- what school did you go to? And if you were exaggerating that is one hell of a hyperbole. I'm a sophomore in high school and the heaviest I've carried is 30lbs.

Lane Tech, also known as the muggle Hogwarts of Chicago.

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I left my books in my locker all day, just carried my papers with me. Then at the end of the day I would head to my locker and pick up the books I needed for homework. This way I didn't have to carry a heavy backpack all day. I know this is not feasible for every student. When my kids have to start carting around 30-40lb bags and of there's no lockers available I will tell the school nope. My child won't have back issues unless the school is willing to pay for the medical expenses.

I disagree with the common use of ipads these days it will be only a couple of years till no one carries real books anymore. In my university you dont use any real books they are all electronic. Not saying that I like it (personally I love real books)

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Same I had to replace new, perfectly fine back packs because they would rip after a few weeks. And the bag still couldn't fit all my books.

Shouldn't the iPad suppose to solve all this God Dammit Steve

That happened to me but with a watermelon. I wonder how much weight triggers the passenger detection system

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the weight of melons... an interesting topic.

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I am sure it depends on the car, but I think it is like 80-90 pounds to set it off. Idk whether I buy this fml, but w/e

There aren't many pros to being in a wheelchair, but I can say this is one of them.

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Its supposed to activate at 75 pounds. At least on Hyundais.

This happens to me anytime I put my book bag on the passenger seat.

It depends on the car. My Corolla (Matrix in the US, Auris in Europe) went off with an orange juice and a sandwich.

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At least you used the correct "you're". Thank goodness!

I don't always post a bad comment, but when I do, I use correct grammar.

hopsinlove17 26

Then you're certainly ahead of most of the FML community haha

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"You're doing to right." Isn't exactly correct.

hopsinlove17 26

I know, but it was a better attempt than most

How is that not correct? You're=you are, You are doing it right.

Wow, just wow. I JUST realized that my 'it' was changed to 'to'. Damn technology!

Wait until all those books get put on the kindle or something else thats lighter. Until then looks like you got a heavy load.

Actually, they're already testing out iPads on the students in my AP classes. They say in about five years (If everything goes right) we should be rid of textbooks completely. The problem is, things never go right with school systems...

TheDrifter 23

There's too much money to be made to digitize. In my senior year, an artists' company made 25 mil to include more visible minorities in the diagrams in biology texts. Texts on subjects like history and sociology are revised every few years to keep the subject matter politically correct.

TheDrifter 23

Then of course, there are texts for medicine and advanced sciences that get updated with new techniques and theories.

Those texts can be uploaded and purchased on iPads and kindles too.

Couldn't you just set it on the floor in front of the passenger seat?

That's what I was thinking, I mean people can't be this stupid

The point is the book bag was that heavy-- not that he had to strap it in. Look beyond what is written!:P

Well it doesn't take much to turn it on. My purse does it.

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If the book bag is large enough to carry that much weight, it might not fit between the seat and the dash. I know that's the problem I always have, but I drive a small car (Yaris).

If the backpack is that heavy, it might be easier to buckle it in.

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Or you could have put it on the floor or in the back seat...