By Bitchjackedmyball - 12/09/2012 08:52 - United States - Kihei

Today, I had just bought a new $60 basketball and decided to go try it out. Five minutes into playing, the ball decided to roll into the hands of a little girl, who then said, "Mine". I thought it was cute, until she skipped over to her parent's car and they drove off. FML
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loserboii 11

You just got mugged by a little girl. They grow up so fast!

Selfish little girl. Why didn't you run and take the ball away from her as soon as she grabbed it?


kriz_allizwell 6


#1 mistake was paying $60 for a basketball

loserboii 11

You just got mugged by a little girl. They grow up so fast!

She'll be onto B and E's in no time! Her parents must be so proud.

What's a B&E? Bacon and Eggs?

FMLshark 12

It's "breaking and entering". Though bacon and eggs sound amazing right now.

clearly has never been to jail.

Clearly is a good thing.

I think we are missing one point here,.. Who spends $60 on a basketball? I mean does it come with a three-on-three pick up team???

If I pay $60 for a B-Ball, I want auto-aim in that b****!

A quality ball such as a spalding or wilson evolution usually costs around that. If you're serious about basketball you'd be willing to pay it.

Spottedfeather 7

You have to be mentally deficient to spend 60 dollars on a Basketball. Some with those morons who pay hundreds of dollars for clothes or sunglasses.

40 I was referring to a joke by a popular comedian.

86- I take it you've never walked into a sporting goods store and seen the price of a sporting goods store and looked at the price of a basketball. Actually, I doubt you've ever been in a sports store but besides the point. The cheapest, most poor quality ball they carry is bound to run you $20 or $30.

The little bitch...

David cook right. Or is it Dave Cook? Or did he steal that joke from another person? I'm sorry I don't know comedians that well.

121 - Dane cook

Make sure next time when there parents aren't looking, shove the girl, take the ball, and RUN!

lmao slap

Selfish little girl. Why didn't you run and take the ball away from her as soon as she grabbed it?

No, before she got into the car though.

redmane 21

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People, I did not say that OP run over and threaten the girl with violence if she didn't hand over the ball. It's possible to run over and politely ask for the ball and get it back that way, you know.

lululu333 7

41- Innocent? I think not.

mduffy08 8

I have acquired a particular set of skills over the years, skills that are used to find people like you. If you don't give me my ball back, I will find you, and I will kill you. . .

kitkatkit 4

44 no one is talking about you. The messages about threatening the little girl are aimed at 34

SenselessPattern 12

#46 Good luck.

dsbs 9


Driblets 8

46- I'm pretty sure that's what 34 was referring to before everyone down voted him into FML Hell. xD

SenselessPattern 12

*sigh* After reading 122's comment, I'm wondering if anyone got the reference.

I hope you caught the license plate.

That is stealing, so call the police (and warn a brother)

Just be happy she didn't beat you up for it

kittytub 12

she has balls.

Well, she has one now.

I see whay you did there...

35- if you're going to put the stupid classic comment "I see what you did there", at least spell it right.

So you're saying she got all the way to a car with your new 60 dollar ball, and you didn't see it coming? YDI

Thizzkidsgotgame 7

He obviously didnt expect them to actually drive away with it

FMLshark 12

And her parents didn't notice she suddenly had a basketball?

Some parents do not raise their kids right.

"oh honey look, Susie found a brand new basketball"

I think the parents might have made her steal it and told her to run back. You never know!

It's possible her parents have been plotting this moment all along. They really wanted this mans basketball.

She's just lucky she grabbed the right ball then...

Teaching their child bad habits already eh..?