By Anonymous - 13/05/2016 03:46 - United States - Nampa

Today, I took my binder on a short road trip two hours away from my home, so that I could study for my upcoming finals. When I got home, I realized I that had left my binder all the way there, containing my notes, classwork, homework, finals notes, etc. FML
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Prepare yourself for another short roadtrip...

Always make a digital copy and physical copy of everything for your finals.


Always make a digital copy and physical copy of everything for your finals.

I'm not sure many people actually do that

OR you could just leave your schoolwork at home when going on a short road trip and use the time as a break.

Hope everything goes well with you OP..

Prepare yourself for another short roadtrip...

ya "short". how is a four hour round trip short?

12 That went right over your head.

Time for the trek back

1) Check to make sure you just didn't just put it in a different location you don't remember. 2) Double-check. 3) Road Trip #2 is a go!

Could you maybe ask a class mate to send you a photo of some of their notes?

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If that binder and those notes were so important you should have packed them and put them in the car the night before.

Two hours is a short trip?

I think that was meant to be sarcastic

not sure where op is from, but I'm from Texas and we consider 2 hours a short trip haha

In the Western US yeah two hours is a short road trip

Ok, the people thumbing me down have to realise that I'm from the UK. To Brits, two hours is a long journey and I can't wrap my head around anyone thinking it's a short journey. Don't blame me, blame my country for being much smaller than the US.

At least you had a nice drive for a while :) sometimes it's good to just drive away to relax, even though it wasn't exactly according to your plan.

Call the hotel and ask if they picked it up while cleaning the room and ask them to hold it for you. Then prepare for another two hour road trip

they might even mail it for you