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  YeaSo3  |  14

Honestly Op shouldn't even have to do's not any of his business what OP Was Doing out..That Sick day was theirs to use its their leave ..and op is entitled to handle business while out of work regardless of what it is for medicine or w/e

  chosha_fml  |  25

How is she supposed to get well if she doesn't get the medicine the doctor prescribed? Why does she deserved to be yelled at for doing this completely necessary thing?

By  NeoMatrix25  |  12

Honestly I've never understood getting in trouble, for calling in sick from work. They get mad if you call in but also get mad if you are coughing and hacking at work. Sure you should be resting at home but its one thing to work 8 hours at a stressful job, its another if you really need to go out for medicine or food to help you get better.

By  xKrisSmoove  |  21

Not trying to be a jerk, but this reminds of another FML that had "I was pretending to be sick and went to the mall where my boss saw me"

The top comment posted say you were getting medications as an excuse.