By dumbassgrad - United States - El Monte
Today, I accidentally left my textbook at home. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but today was my class final. Since it was an open-book final, I'd decided not to study for it. I'm pretty sure I failed. FML
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By  tralala453  |  22

YDI for not studying, even if it was open book...

  newbiehere99  |  6

So you comment to the FML once, then you reply to your own comment? You could just say everything you need to in one comment. Oh, your comment sucks good luck

By  tralala453  |  22

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  dohdohdoh  |  13

You are showing your stupidity there. Open book ones you need to study for to know where to check in the book for confirmation. Open book means you have a reference not a straight pass.

Besides if it was that easy it would be called straight pass final.

  winfieldALJD  |  6

Well, if she/he had a more important exam coming up or even on that same day, it would make more sense to study for one that is more difficult or not open book.

  Minx108  |  12

Even if Op had their book I suspect they would have failed, only because you would lose a lot of time trying to educate yourself as you're answering.


OP doesn't deserve it for not studying. OP deserves it for not bringing the book.
OP, some advice for BSing assignments:
1. If needed, bring proper materials
2. Be sneaky (usually involves Rule 1)

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

41, the book is usually very large, not easy to find answers quickly and the exam has a time limit. Not only do you have to study but you also have to try and remember each chapter of the book so you can quickly find references/answers. Most people think it is just as hard and, sometimes, even harder than just an exam with no open book.

  bee182  |  5

When ever I have open book tests (in math methods especially) I find they are harder. This is because you have to apply your knowledge, I always study for open book :)

  CharresBarkrey  |  15

You'll forget your textbook if you don't study? I highly doubt that will happen. A lot of times in college when I would bust my ass studying, my professor would surprise us with an open book test. Made me so mad.

By  hama806  |  19

Open book exams are usually made to be more difficult so I don't think having the book would have helped much. Bottom line, you should have studied OP! Learn from this mistake.

  mclauren29  |  22

I've had one in the past and found it distracting if you don't prepare your textbook with post-its etc. All you are doing is flicking through your book for the whole exam, instead of actually writing.

  mclauren29  |  22

It might not be straight facts from the textbook though, but their own interpretation and in depth understanding.
Studying would have of course been helpful though.