By burrito kid - 17/12/2016 06:56 - United States - Mount Pleasant

Today, as I was taking the driver's test to get my license, I backed into a car. It belonged to the instructor sitting in my passenger seat. FML
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I don't even have a drivers license yet and I am already a better driver than you.


The perfect end to a perfect story. Almost.

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I think my teacher passed me so he wouldn't have to see me back again for another class cuz I was a scary driver.

That sounds like it'd be breaking some rules of some sort, if you're a terrible driver they shouldn't want to even let you out on the roads.

The teachers don't pass you, state officials who are trained to give you the test do. And if you failed, he could've just refused to teach you. legally he had the right to refuse service.

Hopefully it at least happened at the beginning and not the end of the test.

Rough, dude, wish me luck! I have mine tomorrow

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I can't imagine taking a driving test in S.F. I've been driving for years and going to the City still gives me anxiety.

It ended up not being that bad! I passed so that's a relief. It was pouring out here through so that was a lot less fun

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Why does it not surprise me in the slightest that this happened in Utah?