By stupid_airbag - 13/08/2012 08:06 - Australia

Today, the air bag system in my car somehow malfunctioned, and the air bag inflated while I was driving, causing me to lose control and crash into a street light. I ended up with a badly bruised face because the air bag had already deflated by then. FML
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Now here comes all the comments about how OP has to sue

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This is a justified lawsuit though.


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OH MY GOD!! That sucks op.. I hope you feel better!

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Get rid of that scrap heap, OP. The car obviously hates you.

Now here comes all the comments about how OP has to sue

I was going to say that OPs face was already messed up before the crash...

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This is a justified lawsuit though.

What's "OP"? People say it all the time and idk what it means

19- this is one of the only times on FML where suing is justified. Most of the time it's just "oh hey, OP slipped on a piece of ice in the middle of Alaska on the coldest day! He/she should sue!!"

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We're talking brand new car here. Piss yourself and you can upgrade.

Original Post aka the main story that people comment on

Maybe, but OP could definitely get a new one once they're out.

That's a lawsuit waiting to happen! But dont be like every other crazy idiot in this world and sue!

I can't even tell if you want OP to sue or not. Make up your mind.

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So... it's a lawsuit waiting to happen, but OP shouldn't sue? Or should OP "not be like every other crazy idiot" and should sue? Plenty of crazy idiots sue, I can tell you that right now. However, OP should sue, because this is clearly a problem with the maker of the car.

My cans seatbelt had been broken since we got it (in the drivers seat). We kept taking it back to GM telling them they need to fix it (especially since we were still under warranty). When I got into my car crash a couple years back my seatbelt (again) unclipped itself, airbags didn't go off, and I smashed right into my steering wheel putting a tooth through my lip and a bloody nose. I should have sued as I had all the paperwork to back up my side of the story, but I didn't bother with it. My point- I regretted not doing that because now my car seatbelt is right ****** and I can't properly click it in. Don't let this go unnoticed. Take them down. :)

Must be one of those Toyota defects I hear about all the time. Did the car suddenly accelerate, too?

51 - I think you should get rid of the can and get a car :P

You could've died or injured someone else take pics op and sue the hell out of that car company

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You are absolutely right, air bags should work properly, this could've ended a lot worse for OP. This incident is actually lawsuit worthy and not a frivolous one whatsoever.

I agree. For once it's actually appropriate to sue. In fact, a recall of that model may even be in order.

not completely the car companies fault. thats like sueing a company because the tire went flat.

Actually no it's not at all like that. A tire going flat has to happen eventually. A faulty airbag system isn't supposed to happen.

Besides, the car manufacture makes the air bags. Tire companies make tires because it's expected for wear and tear that they will pop, blow, lose the tread, etc. air bags don't, or shouldn't have wear and tear, nor should they deploy while your driving. Law suit.

A recall is extremely unlikely...don't exaggerate things.

Just because the airbag went off randomly doesn't mean the manufacturer is at fault. For all we know OP's car could have been in multiple accidents since the car was made, in one of those accidents one of the airbag sensor wires would have been pinched and it just so happen to wear through enough to short while driving down the road.

I said a recall MIGHT be in order. And it's not an exaggeration if it's discovered that this is a flaw in the design of the whole model line rather than a a mere fault in OP's particular car.

47, You make a good point, and if that's the case then OP MIGHT have cause for suing the dealership that sold him the unsafe used car, but my guess is it would be a much harder case to win.

And as I said, extremely unlikely. Its a one in a million chance that this would happen.

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Thanks for having catching

Now you can tell everyone you got into a bar fight. ;) all the ladies will faint at your feet.

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Or tell them you got in a fight with chuck Norris... You'll get sympathy sex lol

42, I don't think that many girls are into necrophilia.

Smashing job, hope it didn't knock your lights out!

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Whoever votes Ydi deserves to be in a car wreck like op was... Damn, trolls have no sympathy. Sorry op, I wish you a speedy recovery.

no one deserves to be in a car wreck you asshole!!

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based on the thumbs up, a lot of people agree with me. This is one FML nobody should ever vote Ydi.