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  Kingspin  |  0

If you're saying that us Canadians are boring, you're wrong.

You have no clue how hard it is to hunt buffalo so we can eat. And, we have to constantly pack our igloos down with ice! There's always something to do here!

  emodude44  |  0

Don't diss Canada.
We're one of the safest nations, have better healthcare, one of the most peaceful countries and have a lower crime rate.

Also, We're the reason the White House is white. >:D


42 I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the world! I just finished my junior year, I'm 21, and I've still never gone clubbing. I have been to dinner at a frat house and a swing dance party hosted by another, but no alcohol was involved so those don't count.

  cldean24  |  4

Don't worry everyone, clubbing is not that fun. You get really drunk, dance like a tool, then meet random people you can barely hear over the ridiculous music. The next day you wake up feeling like garbage and crave sprite for your upset tummy. The history channel is the way to go.