By Owen - 07/11/2012 18:39 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my teacher wore a bikini at the pool. She is 68. FML
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scarred for life omg i think it would be awkward enough just to see your teacher at the pool though

stop being such an grammer nazi noor omg liek where not handing in essay's hear or summit we r just commentin on FML

I'm not smart enough to be certain whether or not 51 is joking, but I think and sincerely hope so.

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ye im wit pleonasm if u cn rd it thn it dsnt mater lolol

as long as u kno war im sayn! it hurt to type that.

I see a bunch of moderations coming. :)

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I'm with noor on this one. Kyleekay, your post made my head hurt.

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102- It was a joke. I don't actually type like that.

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Noor, I can understand how they thought it may have been real, considering there ARE people who type like that on FML. Plus, my sarcasm font is on the fritz again.

I don't think 102 reads the comments on FML very often.

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Nobody touch the like button, this has 69 likes.

I think it's good that she's still has confidence to wear a bikini at 68. When I'm 68, I'll probably wear one of those 1930's striped bathing suits

And? If it makes her happy, let her wear it.

No don't let her wear it. It's friggin disgusting.

I hope to god that she looked nothing like 15's picture.

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I don't see anything wrong with it either. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Besides, you'll be 68 too one day.

#15: Wait, so sixteen-year-old girls can dress in a scanty scrap of a bikini, while older women cannot because they aren't pleasing to the eye? That is one of the most shallow things I've ever heard. Grow up, please.

However it cannot be said to be partially flattering to her and there are other outfits that would make her look nicer. Unless she is a GILF then she can wear what she dam well wants ;)

I agree, I don't see why this should affect OP unless he was forced to look at her the entire time, which I doubt.

People are entitled to wear what they want. It's their body, their life, their choice. Not yours.

Unless the teacher was a him I fully agree.

While this is a touchy topic, I've always thought there's a difference between expressing yourself and not being considerate of others, mostly with dress! Right?

It just goes to show how cruel our society can be towards women who don't fit into the expected standards of beauty. Plenty of old, fat, or just unattractive men wear shorts (or even speedos) to the beach, but they never seem to receive the amount of HATE and DISGUST that older or fatter women receive when they wear anything less than a full-body beach gown. As long as the person is having fun, who cares what they look like?

No, I'm plenty disgusted by fat, old, ugly men in speedos. Thanks.

I wear a bikini because it's uncomfortable to have a wet cloth clinging to my back and stomach, which is the case when you wear a bathing suit - not because I think it looks better. I bet she feels the same way.

Tomorrow is going to odd. You know exactly where she is sagging and wrinkly

my salsa makes all the pretty girls dance and want to take off their underpants

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OP said she was in a bikini, not nude -.-

I would never be able to un-see that FYL

Yeah I realize that I could be an indoor pool im just stating that as if that was me

I realized im wrong. It happen to everyone

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If you're in a hole, stop digging...

Deploy your parachute, your free-falling speed is over 9000.

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Today, I live in Canada, it's November, and I went to the the pool. FML

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I realize that it could be an indoor pool for those of you that think I didn't see that possibility

Love the name sir. I'd thumb you up for that too if I could. Lol

I saw my 62 year old teacher wear a speedo that he really shouldn't have... Don't tell me about scarring

I can't think of any type of speedo that a 62 year old should be wearing.

I can't think of a speedo anyone should wear.

I'm gonna be that one old guy you see on the beach wearing a speedo. >:D

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And your at a pool with your teacher why?

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Because there is no such thing as a public pool or a beach, at all. Clearly OP HAD to have been at a private pool with the teacher.

I'm more confused as to why they were at the pool. It's early November, and OP is from Canada.

*Swimming lessons and/or swim team* mind= blown. I had to in fifth grade, maybe OP did, too.

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*you're Also, pretty sure OP didn't go to the pool with the teacher. There is such a thing as coincidence.

Is this like with trees where you can tell her age by how many rings of wrinkles she has?

I've seen some beautiful older women. That being said, everyone ages, and wrinkles are standard. I think it's terrible how the older generations are made fun of due to a natural fact of life. You'll be there too one day.

It's inevitable that I become old one day, provided I don't die first: so I do realise this fact. I am not trying to say this to be nasty, rather to add to the funny, light-hearted situation at hand. So, just to say that I was just trying to have a little laugh, sorry if it's offensive.

Guess she wasn't using that one weird facelift tip that can make you look 35. Doctors hate it.