By jailey - 26/07/2016 02:26

Today, my friend decided that we should go clubbing together to "catch up". Her version of catching up is me standing beside her making out with some random dude in the parking lot. FML
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I think she just duped you into being her wing(wo)man


That sucks OP, I hope she made up for it.

SteveDudleyUK 10

Well you caught up on the fact that she is a ****. Do you need to know more?

Been there. Ditched the **** out of her.

I think she just duped you into being her wing(wo)man

nesteremily 31

Leave her there. If she can make out with random guys she can find her own way home.

I came here to say just that. This sucks on principle. She clearly had the intent to do just that.

redsoxfn12 7

The way it reads it sounds like you made out with the guy

The structure of the sentence can be interpreted both ways, but I think for the sake of this FML, it's likely the friend was the one who made out with the random guy, and not OP.

Why would you stand there while she makes out with some random dude(s)?? Id have left her at the club when she started that shit.

Mathalamus 24

no one thought that the OP should have some fun at the club? its what i would do. *shrug*

You deserve it because you were standing there watching her instead of being in the dance floor having a hell of a great time on your own!!! You don't need your friend to have a great time as your friend clearly didn't need you.

That's not the point. The friend wanted to catch up with OP and instead ignored her.

If a friend invites me to "catch up" and decides to go wild with anyone, why should I wait there? The friend clearly didn't care, so OP shouldn't either! That's my point...

Malsain_fml 10

It is strange to me that people go to clubs to catchup. usually you would rather go to a quite bar or park. Because this is what happens in club. You might get related to other people. And some people (I know grils like this) are totally unable to refuse some guys provided they are at least slightly atracted and has had one or two drinks. I mena, come on, clubbing is not a catching up activity since, to begin with, you can hardly talk.