By 1suckatL1fe / Monday 4 May 2009 19:04 / United States
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  caligurls  |  0

hahshahaga WHAT kind of a dork celebrates Star wars day???? hahaha ad what the crap IS that???? haha and add a stupid joke to top it off!!! hahaha fail fail I would do the same as that ex!!

  Brendan3693  |  0


shut the crap up. your probably a fanboy covering it up. don't insult people 4 no reason.

FYI be nice to nerds because someday you'll end up working for them.

  22cute  |  17

I appreciate that!
I'd appreciate having a man with that sense of humor! In fact, I even take a secret fiendish delight in knowing OP included his Ex....tee hee hee

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