By 1suckatL1fe - 04/05/2009 19:04 - United States

Today, I sent everyone a text on my phone book saying, "Happy Star Wars Day!!! May the Fourth be with you!!" I forgot to uncheck my ex-girlfriend's number. She texted back, "One of the many reasons I broke up with you." FML
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You're better off without her if she can't appreciate that.

I never new there was a star wars day ...


You're better off without her if she can't appreciate that.

Agreed, FYL. I am a woman, and I think that's awesome, and sweet. :) I'll have to remember it.

UnearthlyEnemy 9

.hack ftw!! The Fourth of what?

hes probably an idiot who never realised it was "May the Force be with you"

#336 "May the fourth be with you" is a play on words. May the fourth is the date, while he says it like the phrase in the movies.

344 is right, you are SUCH a ******* nerd LOL

344 shut the crap up. your probably a fanboy covering it up. don't insult people 4 no reason. FYI be nice to nerds because someday you'll end up working for them.

maybe she's a serous woman but op deserves it for having here in there if she's a bi/tch

22cute 17

I appreciate that! I'd appreciate having a man with that sense of humor! In fact, I even take a secret fiendish delight in knowing OP included his Ex....tee hee hee

Star Wars, and anything related, is absolute crap!

Hot. (Now watch as the "horny gamer" and family guy jokes roll in)

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Everyone loves star wars day =(

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why so sad?? :D GEEKS RULE!!

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Yeah, who cares what the ex said!

Nothing wrong with Star Wars. They are classic movies.

Well I would date you XD nah jk, but i sent the same message XD

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i would not break up with you for that!!!