By scarred - 22/10/2009 12:30 - France

Today, I found out my mom is the nude model for an art class at my college. FML
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Está claro que su madre es una puta, si you fuera usted yo me saliría del barrio

Hahahahah....agreed. With the guy above me, not with the statement "That's hot"

At least OP will be able to take his homework with him home.

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ok wtf... where did that spanish comment go??

As long as you're not in the art class, who gives a shit?

If you're in the art class then FYL, if not then who the **** cares?

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haha what if he got a boner. hahahaha


So what? It's for an art class, it's not like she's doing pornography.

Right, because life drawing is totally ****, and it's not possible to have class while being the subject of said art. Grow up.

as long as shes not fat its fine. but if shes is ugly. gauge you eyes out.

:P and u feel like a pimp/pimptress well u shud!!! no normal woman wud do that!

Sun_Kissed18 25

12 years old speak with this language when dey tri 2 b kewlll Grow up.

A hot woman would or a classy artsy woman would :3

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Try to make sure you draw the ****** as well as you can -- that's where you came from! I hope she's a MILF. No one needs another series of Rubens -- one set of fat ladies is enough for the entire history of art.

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Unless you're old yourself, MILF is an oxymoron. Stop it, guys. It's motherfuckin' gross.

How is it an oxymoron? It's an acronym..

How is it an oxymoron? It might not be everyone's cup of tea to **** a mom, but I wouldn't say it's an oxymoron either. Moms can be fuckable. That's how they became moms.

moonlight_daze 8

Well, ain't that a ************? DAMN!

perdix 29

No, moonlight_daze. "Stacy's Mom" is the classic MILF song (Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" had been carrying the water for a long time!) and it's about a teenager who wants to jump a generation, so to speak. Lots of women who become mothers are god-awful and are impregnated by miserable, desperate excuses for men. A MSHF (Mother Someone Has ******) is not necessarily a MILF. So the term MILF is unrelated to age of the beholder, and her desirability is ONLY in the eyes of the beholder. Now that William Safire is dead, someone has to straighten people out on how to use the language!

hahaha thats where he came from :P what if he was operated?

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Then he would have to learn how to draw a C-section scar :P FYL! Let's hope nobody finds out she is your mom!

An art class... not 'my' art class. So no big deal. Time to grow up and realise mommy and daddy are real people. You're in college for christs sakes. Be happy for her that she's kept herself in good shape. Good for your dad too! He's cool with it, so why can't you?

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You wouldn't find it awkward to draw your parents in the nude? In great detail?

primogen18 0 don't have to be in great shape to be a model for an art class...