By hateskool888581 - 12/01/2010 00:28 - Mexico

Today, I went to a nearby nightclub with some friends and the girl I've been flirting for weeks. We were having a good time until this girl and two of her friends got back complaining about some "drunk-old-perverts harassing them". It looks like my dad and his friends are having a good time too. FML
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perdix 29

Your dad loves you! That's why he chaperones you when you go to a nightclub! Of course, getting drunk and hitting on pretty girls is a nice bonus for putting up with the tedium of chaperoning.

Never bring your girlfriend to your house.


Wow, you seriously live up to your name, #1.

Weird, you've done a good job of it as well.

dudeitsdanny 9

#6- Am I going to get a wiener from you, or will I be disappointed? =(

kristen_lesli 0

guess you'd like a weiner, since you look like the type of guy who doesn't have one. xD sorry, that was uncalled for xD you look nice, really. just try not to ask guys for weiners unless you really are gay haha xD

JoshTheMaggot 8

that's hilarious and I agree with #1 just be safe lol. I say next time you go out don't bring the old man.

Never bring your girlfriend to your house.

DanielleTheOne 3

i feel sorry for the girl because imagin having a group of old drunks hitting/perving on you when ur at a club. I'd freak out.

maybe thats his way of sayin he approves:)

So the FML is that your dad is hanging out with your friends while the girl is complaining? Sounds like your jealous.

MissyWissyKach 0

omg i approved this one!!! u kno like when u moderate them oooh i approved this one!!

riku3220 2

No, the FML is the girl the OP likes now thinks his dad is a pervert.