By Anonymous - 01/07/2013 17:49 - Canada - Coquitlam

Today, I saw my former high school teacher at the mall. After a nice conversation, she mentioned that I "still dress like a slut." FML
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hopelessefforts 9

That's when you say, "I didn't think it was possible but you definitely got older" and catwalk away.


Whether OP "dressed like a ****" or not, is noone's business but her own. She is her own person and can make her own decisions. **** shaming is wrong.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I see nothing wrong with showing a little skin every so often, as long as it's the right environment for such an outfit. It's ok to dress like a "****" compared to actually being a walking infestation of herpes. Flaunt your stuff OP.

The teacher just has the hots for you.

23Z9TZO 18

26 just watched the new mrrepzion video I see

If you want to dress like a ****, fine. But don't complain when you get negative feedback or unwanted attention. Simple as that.

Maybe it was a compliment? Hot Teacher (seductively): "Well, I see you still dress like a ****..." ***** music starts playing. Lesbian porno!

Damian95 16

My immediate response would be "you're still a bitch of a teacher."

I'm glad you know this for a fact after reading the FML.

Well, what an unprofessional thing to say.

assassinbanana0 20

It may be wrong to say to someone, but it isn't unprofessional. OP is a former student, and OP's former teacher saw her in a public place, not school. It's wrong, and very rude, but not unprofessional.

I see your point, it isn't unprofessional, but yes, it is rude. I'm just very suprised that her former teacher would disrespect her in that way.

assassinbanana0 20

I completely agree. It's surprising how people really don't care what they say and how it affects others.

One of the biggest problems woth society today.

23Z9TZO 18

I'd rather people just be honest really

assassinbanana0 20

There's a difference in being honest and being rude.

Sometimes it's better to sugarcoat things. Are you going to explain every detail of sex to your 5 year old?

27, I may be wrong after being in a professional world for a few years, but last I checked, being rude is unprofessional.

Is it wrong if OP really dressed like a ****?

59, yes, she said it in a very rude way.

Dress like a clown. The Joker is always a safe bet. Not only will she be terrified to call you a ****, but she will most likely run when she sees you.

I see what you're saying but this FML post is over here and you seem to be way over there. The lady was rude and that's all I have for this post.

hopelessefforts 9

That's when you say, "I didn't think it was possible but you definitely got older" and catwalk away.

Dumb people getting older... Don't they realize that the Fountain of Youth was discovered? You'd think they'd be smart enough to stop aging by now.

10showgirl 16

You didn't think it was possible for her to get older?

And you should have said "And you still dont mind your own damn business".