By chickenshit4 - 15/05/2016 00:57 - United States - Pine Ridge

Today, my 43 year old mother came home covered in hickeys. FML
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I boxed off "glad it wasn't me" ... I really regret that. I wish it was me.


I boxed off "glad it wasn't me" ... I really regret that. I wish it was me.

A vacuum cleaner with the right attachments will give convincing results.

Might also kill you if placed incorrectly, but whatever. Anything for a hickey, I suppose.

Why is #16s comment thumbed down? Its true. You can form a blot clot and die from trying to use a vacum cleaner to give yourself hickies.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Because people don't like the truth, 25. Especially when it makes their joke sound stupid.

LegitTorture 18

Much better than actually having to accidentally see the "act"

Question: Is she married/has a SO, and if yes, what are the odds it was due to her spouse/SO? I don't know what to think otherwise... Go mother? F your and your father's life?

Can i get her number?

By any chance is your name Stacy?

Old people need love too. ;-) Takes the expression 'Mother F***er' to a whole new level.

43 is "old people"? Wow.

Big whoop, your ma has a sex life. Someday you'll be 43 and horny.

So your mommies a hickey queen. You probably don't want to see her inner thighs.