By The Sbeak - United States
  Today, my boss called me into his office to show me the web site of a potential business partner. When he began to type 'virginia' into google, it auto-completed his search with his recent search for 'virgin boy assholes'. I have to go on business trip with him tomorrow. I'm a young guy. FML
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By  SisterDharma  |  4

Well, at least now you know how to get that promotion! But, you've gotta hold out for him, unless you're a good actor, anyway. (j/k honestly, don't even worry about him, unless you're interested, then go for it.)

By  logicalliv  |  9

I wouldn't worry. Would you be as concerned if your boss had been a woman looking up "hot young guys" or something? Most people can keep their fantasies separate from their real life.