By IloveJapan - 02/04/2012 14:02 - Japan

Today, my boyfriend gave me a hickey. On my forehead. FML
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xXxIracebethxXx 14

OP, how did you not feel he was biting/sucking on your FOREHEAD? Unless you were sleeping, or tied up because of your kinky sex play, YDI.

He was trying to suck out your braaaaiiinssss

It must have felt good because you didn't stop him.

hopechancey 4

Well better than your eye or something...

siickman 7

Hmm, not sure if 149 knows what a hickey is or is implying that its better than getting your eye sucked out... Lol i dont think i have ever seen hickeys outside the neck too thigh areas

Come on OP, how could this possibly lead to a thought about fu*king your life? At least you're lucky enough to give/receive hickeys. You know, some people are doomed to be *forever alone* (including me).

Looks like a tie. Ready to go into overtime?

I'll be the ref that doesn't do anything right and makes everyone freak out..

^^^ Had to take it to far didn't you?

I think 3 and 92 should do scissors, paper, rock, and no throwing in these fancy "god" signs!

manyourlifesucks 0

Holy hell you took my picture!

tylersign 11

I do believe that your boyfriend is a zombie.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I do believe your belief is wrong, sir.

tylersign 11

Zombies try to eat brains. Hickey on forehead= failed attempt to eat brain. It all makes sense.

Yup! Exactly what I thought! He's freshly infected and hasn't learned proper brain eating procedure. RUN!

We'll call Deadman and his dad, they'll kill the zombie.

manyourlifesucks 0

^^^ this is the most retarded overused comment ever.

GreenAppleDP 0

If its a decent shape, you could always fill it in and make a picture.. That'll be fun.

KRS_13 0

Fill it in?? What the ****?!

koolkat27 13

Well 7 obviously has no idea what a hickey is.

And you sat still long enough for him to give you one there?

I would hope that I'd wake up if someone were to suck on my hard with that much force/for that long!

The skin on your face is more sensitive so it's quicker and easier. It doesn't feel as much like a hickey when it happens. My boyfriend does it too.

MackenzieWells 0

My boyfriend managed to hickey my forehead with one sloppy kiss; it took him less than three seconds and horrified both of us! Some people have really sensitive skin. Concealer and then a layer of powder, OP.

dyanabsn 2

actually the skiing your face has more vessels and few nerve endings. she probably has something wrong with her facial nerve not to have felt that

ifoundalaska 11

Time to sport some freshly cut bangs

Use foundation to cover it! Then your parents wouldn't be so suspicious why there is a random mark on your head. Unless u said you bumped your head, but idk if they are going to believe you or not...-.-

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Have you ever tried to cover up a hickey with foundation? If it's hard to do so on the neck, then it'll be near impossible to keep the hickey hidden when it's on the face.

You're a little stupid! Have you tried foundation period?

xStaciexLynnx 15

Idk. I agree with 31. I mean, I do get the cheap stuff but infant imagine even really good foundation can completely hide a hickey... especially on your forehead.

Or use stage makeup. Works like a charm. That's how I cover up my tattoos for work.

Concealer works better than foundation

peachesncreem 21

Here's a trick my mum taught me: apply toothpaste! I don't know how or why this works, but it does. I used to do it all the time as a teen. I'd apply it before bed and by morning the hickey faded :)

FreaksandGeeks 5

To cover up hickeys, use a green-tinted concealer. The green will off set the redness.