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By Anonymous - 31/10/2019 14:00 - Canada - Prince George

Today, my mom found out that I got a tattoo two years ago. She got mad and spanked me. I'm 33 years-old. FML
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thehaystackerine 20

you:harder mommy! your mom: what?! you:what?


thehaystackerine 20

you:harder mommy! your mom: what?! you:what?

I think your full of crap. You let a 50+ year old women spank you. It really not believable. But if it did happen I home your girlfriend took video and posted it on the internet for us all to see.

I’d believe it. When I was 20, I got my cartilage pierced. I went to hug my 50+ mom goodbye one day, and she noticed it, and slapped me for it. It all depends on the physical situation when OP’s mom found out. It’s possible it was like me, mid hug with no chance of escape.

tounces7 27

And that's when you inform them that the next time they try something like that, you'll have them arrested.

You're* It is perfectly plausible for an elderly person to abuse a younger adult. Especially if you were raised to always respect parents.

That'll leave a mark. Luckily, it's only temporary, as compared to what you did to yourself.

Mungolikecandy 19

Why did you let her put you over her knee and spank you (which is the process of being spanked) when you are in your 30's? Why not just not allow her to do it?

The definition of spank is to slap ones bottom with an open hand or flat object. It does not include the words "over the knee". So if Mom grabbed this person's wrist and started wailing on her ass while the OP was in standing position, that would still be considered getting spanked. The OP didn't need to allow themselves to get spanked, they just needed to not have a chance to dodge for it to have happened.

tounces7 27

Yeah it still begs the question why she didn't just punch her upside the head while she was hitting her.

PenguinPal3017 19

We actually don't know that she didn't hit her mom back, she doesn't specify

you are 33 years old. your mother can't spank you unless you let her. that's ridiculous. ydi

No, a mother can't spank her 33 year old child with all the ritual that people apparently expect to be involved with getting spanked. To be honest, the amount of ritual that commenters on here seem to expect to be involved with getting spanked makes me think most of them are pulling their spanking information from **** videos rather than real life parent child interactions. It would be entirely possible for a mother to go in for a hug and instead just swat the person on the ass a few times. It would be possible for them to grab from behind and start walloping the person's ass before they get a chance to get away. Hell, depending on the strength of the parent involved it would be entirely possible to catch their child off guard, catch them off balance, and pin them to a piece of furniture and start swatting. There are tons of ways that a parent can succeed in spanking their 33 year old child before their child has a chance to react to what's happening.

You are 33. You are an adult and don't have tp bend over or allow yourself to be spanked by your mom no matter the age. Man up.

I would have spanked her right back.....across the face!! not really but still