By LadyGore - 19/02/2012 15:30 - Canada

Today, I realized the $40 iPhone case I bought to keep my new phone from getting scratched, scratched my iPhone. FML
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shanemaximo 7

Because getting a new iPhone is so much cheaper.

IodineEnvy 0

Protection is over rated, just ask your mom


Saritazz 0

Never spend that much on a iPhone case -_- it doesn't matter

shanemaximo 7

Because getting a new iPhone is so much cheaper.

That happened to mine as well. I took off the cover, and dropped it only to have the back cover glass break... So I'll rather have a scratched iPhone than a broken iPhone!

IodineEnvy 0

Protection is over rated, just ask your mom

Mine has like 100s of scratches on the back, front doesnt have a single scratch. Don't see the point of the case unless you have a new generation double sided touchscreen...

DKParth13 5
Gtaylorfication 0

Really because mine was 80 bucks and I can take my iphone in the pool and ride dirt bikes without worrying about breaking it

I've had one for over two years, no cover or screen. But I've never dropped mine on a hard surface without me catching it for or sticking out my foot so it breaks the fall.

I hope you learned that you must buy the Otter Box :) they work well. Sadly the ones for the iPhone 4 an 4s, aren't as water proof as the 3GS. :(

The Commuter Otter Boxes are a joke. The Defender is pretty awesome though.

I thinks it's worth investing in a case for your IPod/iPhone. I have a 64GB 4th Generation iPod Touch I also have the Otter-Box Defender series case for it, its saved my iPod more than once since I work at Mcdonalds, lol.

littlemissalex 3

I spent $50 on my iPhone's case. It really helped out when I accidentally ran over it with my truck. The case was a little beat up, but there was not a scratch on my phone. Spending good money on a case is worth it.

How do u "accidentally" run over ur phone?

littlemissalex 3

I was at my truck when I realized I forgot something inside, so I set my phone on the roof of my truck. When I got back, I forgot about my phone and started to drive off. My phone fell off the top of my truck, and I managed to run over it backing out of the driveway.

130, can you please share what type of case it was? :)

littlemissalex 3

137, it was an Otterbox Defender.

That's why I like to go overseas and get like two cases for AUD $5 instead of 40...

leogirl95 12

Just keep the case on. No one will notice.

57, you either pay shopping and handling or you pay for tickets.

Resisting the scratches is futile!!!

It's in the case anyway, why does it matter if it gets scratched?

thats probably because like alot of stupid people you bought the plastic crap that dont do anything.

Why would you spend $40 on a case? They sell good covers for $10-$20 each... Oh well~!

CockAsian 14

Because Otter boxes protect your iPhone incase it gets dropped or something. I love my otter box.

shadexilmaendu 4

The only time I ever had an iPhone break on me was when the case needed cleaned and I didn't put it back on before I went out somewhere... Dropped my phone once outside of the otterbox, and it was shot. Don't underestimate the power of a decent case ;p

Mophies are better -personal opinion.

My phone been thrown around and dropped alot go otter box

I have a zCover that I got for under $20... I drop my phone and it bounces amusingly and doesn't take damage...

3- I think your "l" jizzed on your exclamation point.

My Speck:Candyshell does enough for me. I find no need for those overly expensive pieces of rubber/plastic.

Gogetajh 3

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Yea except I went on eBay and found a $5 knock off otter box that had no brand. I've dropped it multiple times and it hasn't broke, besides the built in kick stand

desireev 17

Was it an OtterBox? Mine scratched my phone too! :( FYL OP! So much for 'protection'!

Sinamoi 18

Huh, funny. My dad says that last part all the time...

cradle6 13

You needed to put a screen protector under it. I've had an otterbox for 1.5 years and it's been fine.

M0rt 0

I can't condom these cheesy jokes

KiddNYC1O 20

I get it. Condom= Protection. Condone and condom... Yeahh...

Idiot. I've had an otterbox ever since I got my iPhone. Absolutely nothing has happened to my phone. You can't blame it when you're not careful. Go ahead, thumb me down. Idc.

#162, just because you're not careful doesn't make you an idiot, and either way, OP never said it was an OtterBox.

Not your fault you were just stupid not to ask what's better

Tmania_fml 1

Well it's not fair to make that assumption. It could happen to anyone.

CDeCam 9

Oh trust me, you're just scratching the surface of all the problems there are with iPhone screens

Scratches aren't even a big just buy a case so the screen doesn't crack

shanemaximo 7

Otterbox for the win. It's like secret service for your iPhone.

Saritazz 0

Shit still breaks in a otter box!!!

If you treat your phone like a tank. Treat like it is brand new and it will survive for years.

Morgannnnuhhh 1

I have an otter box and it's the best.

Irony can be a Bit**! Haha but really who cares Ur gunna get it scratched eventually anyway! All that matters is it still works like new!!!

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