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By  Saritazz  |  0

Never spend that much on a iPhone case -_- it doesn't matter

  arttyruiz  |  7

That happened to mine as well.
I took off the cover, and dropped it only to have the back cover glass break... So I'll rather have a scratched iPhone than a broken iPhone!

  crimsonprodigy  |  15

Mine has like 100s of scratches on the back, front doesnt have a single scratch.

Don't see the point of the case unless you have a new generation double sided touchscreen...

  docscientist  |  9

I've had one for over two years, no cover or screen. But I've never dropped mine on a hard surface without me catching it for or sticking out my foot so it breaks the fall.

  Jaxx66  |  21

I hope you learned that you must buy the Otter Box :) they work well. Sadly the ones for the iPhone 4 an 4s, aren't as water proof as the 3GS. :(


I thinks it's worth investing in a case for your IPod/iPhone.
I have a 64GB 4th Generation iPod Touch I also have the Otter-Box Defender series case for it, its saved my iPod more than once since I work at Mcdonalds, lol.


I spent $50 on my iPhone's case. It really helped out when I accidentally ran over it with my truck. The case was a little beat up, but there was not a scratch on my phone. Spending good money on a case is worth it.


I was at my truck when I realized I forgot something inside, so I set my phone on the roof of my truck. When I got back, I forgot about my phone and started to drive off. My phone fell off the top of my truck, and I managed to run over it backing out of the driveway.


The only time I ever had an iPhone break on me was when the case needed cleaned and I didn't put it back on before I went out somewhere... Dropped my phone once outside of the otterbox, and it was shot. Don't underestimate the power of a decent case ;p

  kulebro13  |  5

Yea except I went on eBay and found a $5 knock off otter box that had no brand. I've dropped it multiple times and it hasn't broke, besides the built in kick stand

  JVVL  |  6

Idiot. I've had an otterbox ever since I got my iPhone. Absolutely nothing has happened to my phone. You can't blame it when you're not careful. Go ahead, thumb me down. Idc.


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