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Today, I'm still awake from not sleeping last night. The reason? At 2am I was in my garage when all of a sudden someone's phone went off outside. I live in the country and no one should be out there. Looks like I'm not sleeping for the next few weeks. FML.
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OP here, wow I can't believe this actually got posted. I want to say thank you for the kind words, it was deffinatly nerve racking. To clear some things up, no we did not call the cops. The reason is once I heard the phone go off I woke up my mom and she turned on all the outside lights scaring whoever it was off. (I could tell because their phone went off again but that time the sound was farther away) Also I could tell it was a cell phone from how close it was and ring tones are easy to recognize. For the people saying it could be someone passing through, I highly doubt it since my back yard is fenced and my neighbors are not close together at all. However we are thinking it might be just some teenagers, since when housing construction was going on across the road from us some teens snuck into the unfinished houses, so it could be just them. Thankfully though my parents lock up the gates to the back yard and have a motion sensor camera set up that sends a message to your phone when triggered. We also own 3 dogs, one of which is a great dane. He's a big baby but his bark sure is scary. We hope the person doesn't come back again, if they do we will be calling the cops. There has only ever been one break in the neighborhood and we hope to keep it that way.

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That's incredible. Should have grabbed a weapon and wandered out there.


That's incredible. Should have grabbed a weapon and wandered out there.

Buuuuuut she'll be frightened for much longer if she doesn't even know what it was. On the other hand, she could die, so basically she's screwed.

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#2 can't help but notice that my name is chris and i'm from calgary.

Just hope that it was just a tourist or someone that dropped it during the day and was calling to see if someone had it. Otherwise, FYL for real.

I recommend bear traps around key points of access and viewing

**** bear traps, OP needs land mines and razor wire!

Dooooo bears carry cell phones often?

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"****!! Forgot to put my phone on silent"

I guess people never watched batman if you re getting down voted

Should this ever happen again and you have a chainsaw, start it. I can almost guarantee that will scare the shit out of them and word will spread that your house is not one to **** with.

to help your sleep. you should know crows are very good at mimicking those noises

Invest in security cameras. Prepare like its the purge.

No police call? & dude if it was someone ready the break in it was your chance to mess with them! give them a reason to never try to break in again!

i second the chainsaw idea but make sure you have a recording of screaming and bone crunching sounds.. THAT would scare the shit out of someone and get a giant dog like a german shepherd and teach it to guard the house boom kickass security

German Shepard's aren't scary they're teddy bears, I grew up with one ☺️

Not if they're like police dog German Shepards, not so cute and Teddy bear like when it's chomping on your arms and tossing you around. :)