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By  tr3yr  |  13

Well she’s entitled to few how she feels just like you have the same right. I believe in God but would never put someone else down for believing though.

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

Personally I’m religious so it’s kind of hard for me to be around atheists, especially because the ones I’ve met in my life are obnoxious, but that’s absolutely over the top and messed up. She doesn’t need to act idiotically dramatic for your beliefs.

By  Leviathene  |  34

Maybe its just me, but I'd be cool with someone depicting me as a devil whatever as long as I got to keep the painting. I'd frame and hang it :3

  KittyMack  |  13

WTF are you saying exactly? On your planet atheism means not minding whether or not our parents hate us? Because here on Earth atheism means a disbelief in the supernatural. It by no means involves any immunity to the emotional pain of not being loved back by those one loves.

By  edwardcullenisme  |  6

Fuck her, you don’t need that bullshit in your life