By neta_1996 - United States - Mabelvale
Today, my boyfriend broke up with me two days before my birthday. Only to make it worse, I found out that he had been texting my mother on how to break up with me. To make it even worse, she was giving him tips. FML
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  Fermion  |  20

Is it just me or doesn't he have some courage for asking the mom? I think he was just trying to find a way to hurt OP the least. I think that's pretty nice of him.

By  utterlytragic  |  9

Maybe that was your mom's way of helping you dodge a bullet. If he had to go to that extent to break up with you, he isn't worth your time anyway. Sorry it went down like that. Stay strong!

By  Vidrill  |  22

Well, maybe you shouldn't be this upset about the mom thing, because it was his way of finding the most appropriate way to tell you, taking advice from someone close to you. And as for the birthday thing, I know it's tough, but surely better than him postponing it and pretending.

  IndridCold  |  22

Exactly. There's no easy way to break up, especially around an occasion such as a birthday.
It sounds like he asked your mum as she would know you better and advise him on how to soften the blow as much as possible.

  monkyvirus  |  13

If my kid's bf wanted help to break up with my daughter I would help him. The alternatives are 1) knowing my daughter is with someone who doesn't want to be with her or 2) him being completely insensitive or rude and making the whole thing worse. Also unless the dumpee has an exam or something that requires full concentration and a calm mind it's never a good idea to postpone a dumping it just makes the dumper lie to you for longer which will hurt worse in the long run.