By ACCCHHHOOOO!!!!!!!!! -_- - 04/09/2015 15:48 - United States - Laurel

Today, my dick of a neighbor tried to file a noise complaint against me, all because I have the flu and am sneezing a lot. FML
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well thats snot nice

start sneezing into a megaphone


well thats snot nice

Yeah, who nose what the neighbour could do next...

I'd get him to get down on his sneeze and beg for forgiveness

Yeah, I mean how could he be so cold?

What a booger.

When will he snop?

Wow thats a load of snot!!

Don't mind your neighbor op, some people just choose to be miserable.

You should sneeze on him so he gets sick and then when he sneezes a lot, file a noise complaint on him

That's is the stupidest thing I've ever heard

16, modern day comments are all this stupid or they are saying "sorry OP, hope you get better!" just a disgrace to the glory days of clever and funny comments.

Rei_Ayanami 18

That's the thing, #17. The comment quality has not risen or lowered significantly one way or another. People simply choose to believe they were better in the past, as that is what they remember. They remember funny comments or puns, but choose to not remember the same jokes being told then that are being told now.

Go to the posts from 09, they are far from better.

16 - "That's is" the stupidest thing you've heard?

Go to his house to explain, and maybe accidentally sneeze in his general direction

Farting in someone's general direction is usually more effective

RedPillSucks 31

Monty Python FTW

What a bad person. If I were u I would knock on his door and confront him on it

Some people are so inconsiderate!

Oh my god some people are just spiteful for the sake of it and make trouble for nothing ... That person probably doesn't have anything better to do in his or her life. I don't get these people.

Ring his doorbell, and when your neighbor opens the door sneeze straight in his/hers face.

RedPillSucks 31

neighbor would probably bring assault charges. OP I'm sure the cops gave it the attention it deserved.

How loud are you sneezing for your neighbor to notice?