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Today, I thought my hamster might be lonely, so I went to the pet shop and bought a new one to keep him company. The new hamster killed the old one. FML
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One time I brought a new girl home to keep the old one company. She didn't like it so much either :/

It's uncommon knowledge that hamsters are territorial.


It's uncommon knowledge that hamsters are territorial.

Buy a few more and start an underground hamster fighting league.

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uncommon? everyone knows that you can't mix hamsters unless they are dwarf hamsters! because someone didn't bother to check what they were buying the poor things is dead! and the pet shop should check tbh.

I agree with 25. You should have done some research first before you bought a new hamster. How do you take care of your hamster if you didn't even bother to research a bit about them. let this be a lesson for you and never buy a pet again before you know everything you need to take care of them. YDI but your hamster didn't.

I didn't know that they would be territorial. After all, when you buy them in the pet store, they are all clustered together in the same cage. They all seem to get along then.(: I had two growing up and they both got along fine. Playing follow the leader games and such. They're cute but wow, they're little shit machines!

actually female hamsters are perfectly fine together, as long as the cage is spacious and enough room for both hamsters to feel comfortable.

No no no, hamsters do not like it to be with more then one in the same cage. Open Wikipedia for christ's sake, you can read it very clear: 'most hamsters are solitary'. Tadaah. Solitary, which means they like to be (!) alone (!). Only baby hamsters can be held together (and the Roborovsky, I think), which means that everyone who puts two hamsters in the same cage is a plain idiot who shouldn't have a pet in the first place. Yeah, maybe your two hamsters don't kill eachother, but truth is, they are not happy to have another hamster in their territoria.

I agree.... You're not putting a "friend" in with the hamster, you're putting in an invader.

When a female hamster has babies they are very territorial! You can't even touch near the babies, or the hamster will eat them

#38, that's because they're from the same litter. If you buy two of them at the same time, it might work. Everyone who has a hamster should know that, otherwise you ain't educated enough for owning the pet you have.

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#47 yes because Wikipedia never lies

You bought a sociopathic hamster with the need to release latent maniacal pent-up aggression. FYL.

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the pet shop should have questioned and informed. I'm a pet care associate at PetSmart.. even most dwarfs can't go together. Next time, do some research and know your animal.

Ooooh ya sorry about that OP your talking about Johnny ya he is my apprentice, I've told him all I know, his graduation to EvilMaster was to kill one of his own kind.

He was jealous that you went to homecoming with the other one.

He was jealous that you went to homecoming with the other one.

25-You'd be surprised at the amount of idiots that come into my store not knowing this. Even when I explain this to adults they don't want to listen and give me the "I don't care! Gimme!" attitude. I've refused a ton of sales because of this. Luckily for me, the managers at my new store back me up on this.

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#47, you are an idiot. Shut the f up with your judging people cos they have opinions. Maybe you know a lot about hamsters (good for you), but that does NOT give you the right to judge people.

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104- I hope I get some of your managers, every time we tell someone no and explain to the manager the people end up getting it anyways. So stupid.

That's one of the main reasons why I quit working for Petsmart. The managers were more concerned about making a sale than they were about sticking with their "we care for animals" bullshit. Not only did it make me look like an idiot and an asshole for looking out for the best interest of the animal, but it also wasted my time I could have spent with other customers who want to take proper care of their new pets :(

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Some species of dwarf hamsters, also varying from individual personalities, cannot even be kept together. While more social than other breeds such as the Syrian hamsters, they have been know to kill one another as well.

@105: WTF is up with you? You live in a communist country? Over here, we tell our ELECTED leaders to screw themselves. Judging ain't got nothing to do with it...

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118- Chinese dwarfs do pretty well with each other.

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110- Yeah, but what do you expect? Thats how large corporations work.. it's not about the customer, employee, or the animals, it's about that big fat wallet. I hate my job, if I don't think someone should have an animal I tell them no and refuse it to them. I wont send the animal to it's death. the people in pet care I believe should have the power to refuse an animal. We are considered "experts" compared to the managers who know very little about anything other than a dog or cat.

'Maybe you know a lot about hamsters (good for you), but that does NOT give you the right to judge people.' Yes it does. If you don't know that hamsters are solitary, you shouldn't have one, simple as that. I hate irresponsible pet owners. **** the hamster's life.

Funny thing is, the managers told me I was allowed to refuse a sale if I knew the animals weren't going to be cared for/handled properly. Hypocrites. I'm sorry you hate your job :( I used to love being a pet care specialist until my managers pulled that shit. I love my new company though :)

It's common knowledge to pokemon masters that rattata are territorial.

if it's online it has to be true right? ;)

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The new one was showing some tough love.

It's a hamster eat hamster world out there.

I always wanted to woop stuart littles ass, wait he's a mouse. Edit: damn double post srry everyone

I always wanted to wool stuart littles ass, wait he's a mouse.


What's Kia going to do now? Theyre down a hamster now.

This is how mike vick got put away before you know it OP will be getting people from all over the hood to bet on hamster fights.

Yep, and that pretty much fixed the loneliness problem. The first hamster was a little whimp anyways.

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One time I brought a new girl home to keep the old one company. She didn't like it so much either :/

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yeah me too. one day they were suggling happily together in their cage, the next day one had its throat torn out while the other frolicked around. it made me sad...

Ya i did that too... Cept i got beat up by both of them :(

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Anyone who has hamsters..should know that!! The only time you should put hamsters together is for mating , then remove right away

if only it was that easy for humans :/

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Lol yeah... Mating season here i come!

Hamsters are loners, don't really care for company

Everybody knows thats what happens! YDI all the way

Did anyone else think hamster Mortal Kombat after reading this?

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11 - Did you eat poor George? :(

Have you considered a boa or a monitor to keep the new hampster company?

You're an idiot. You're supposed to gradually introduce them and after being alone for a while rodents don't like other rodents. Why the heck didn't you at least watch them? YDI the hamster didn't. Idiot.

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with rats or mice sure... hamsters can only be kept together when young or mating. any other time they will kill each other, period. I had hamsters who would escape their cage and crawl to the others cage across the room to try get in and kill them. that's how territorial they are