By facepalm - 12/09/2011 08:07 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend that a tornado is not the same thing as a hurricane. I couldn't convince him, and he still won't talk to me. FML
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Did you storm out of the room?

iAmScrubs 19

But...but...but... they both swirl.


my_usagi 0

I had a similar conversation with my cousin once lol

Trust me, you're better off with him not talking to you... For your IQ's sake.

slushpup9696 12

Are you talking to OP or 1???

fakeaccountX 6

Sounds like he's as stubborn as a mule.

nixter5 18

Pshh. What're ya talking about OP?!? Hurricanes are giant, EVERYONE knows THAT.

Right, because Hurricane Irene is really a fricken tornado.

Fact is they both can have devastating effects. Shows how psycho mother nature can be.

I bet she's in a whirlwind of emotions.

i had the same conversation with my friends when i was like 9, i couldn't convince them through

rexgar2000 10

no they are not.

Houseofpleasure 0

Lol me too

Does your boyfriend perhaps have mental disabilities. I've thought tornadoes and hurricanes were the same before it went mainstream.

#15: I totally agree

Move to oklahoma, then to california... He will then not be as much of an idiot

sweetchef420 0

Hurricanes don't really hit Cali... Maybe try more like Florida!;)

Yeah actually hurricanes sort of never hit California. lol. I lived in Florida before and looked forward to the summer for the hurricanes. Wind surfing on skateboards ftw!

usmcUSA 0

I think he meant move to Oklahoma and see an actual tornado then move to Cali with all the other idiots so he would fit in!

Hey hey hey stop it 106 Im from cali and not an idiot Get serious

The California idiot to regular person ratio is no different than any other state. It's just more noticeable because of the large population.

He's an idiot...

Ouch ur photo hurts me

I love your photo!

date someone smarter.

Your fault for dating an idiot I guess.

spez8 0

I'm liking hurricane Sasha!

spez8 0

You are one stunning individual!

Damn it, tried to reply to someone's reply and their posts disappeared

tsume24 3

that's because admins like to remove every comment they dislike even a little bit. -.-

Some guy was hitting on me

tsume24 3

it happens

ColoradoS 2

Agreed haha

Steven696 6

That's a clever man you've got there.

Stupid phone, not cali... Texas

Whatever works for him .

He's obv a keeper

nice man you got there.....

Did you storm out of the room?

i see what you did there

Splayd 10

Her ears were surely hurting because of his thundering in disagreement.

Did she storm out like a hurricane or tornado?