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Today, McDonalds charged me 21 cents for a honey mustard packet. The jerk manager made me break a $50 bill. So I grabbed all their napkins, carried them into the parking lot and tossed them all into the air in protest and drove off. Down the road, I realized I left my wallet at the counter. FML
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That's pathetic. Seriously. I know the manager was being an arse, but that doesn't mean you should act the same. You should carry some friggin change on you. Who walks around with just $50s then gets pissy about it?

How about you skip the honey mustard? What is wrong with you? And you acted like a baby on top of it. Way to go, slick.


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Go back and get your wallet? hahah but thats funny and #58... shut up about mcdonalds. a recent yahoo study gave mcdonald's a B+ for its health value, while ihop and outback steakhouse got F's. mcdonalds has small portions and is pretty healthy. the OP could have been getting a salad and a yogurt, for all you know. stop your bitching about mcdonalds. i eat at mcdonalds whenever i go out. its way quicker and cheaper than any sit-down restaurant, and the food is better too. mcdonalds usually does not charge for condiments... and its better to litter napkins than something like plastic bottles. napkins will deteriorate. how in the world is simply eating at mcdonald's cruel to the environment, other than the animal cruelty part? and if the animals were already killed so cruelly or whatever, then i'd rather eat them and have them fill my stomach than have them be wasted and thrown out because i didnt buy them and eat them.

No advantage to CAK chicken slaughter 18 Feb 2009 Source: National Chicken Council (NCC) The National Chicken Council (NCC) states that, according to scientists, there is no advantage in terms of animal welfare for gas killing systems for poultry compared to the conventional stunning systems used by the US chicken industry. No advantage to CAK chicken slaughter Related * Gentler laying hens that still produce eggs to... * Processing for Halal poultry products * McDonald's exploring cage-free egg production The industry feels that while gas systems are worthy of further study, there is no proven reason yet to move away from conventional stunning systems. Conventional stunning Conventional stunning, as used by nearly all chicken processing plants in the US, is both effective and humane. Chickens are made unconscious and insensible to pain before they are humanely killed. This method is based on animals being put into an unconscious state by a low-level electrical current, usually facilitated by contact with water or an aqueous mist. Moments after being stunned, the birds are passed by a blade that opens an artery, resulting in rapid death. The entire process takes seconds. Controlled Atmosphere Killing (CAK) There is some interest in the US that employ carbon dioxide or argon gas in a cabinet or chamber to displace oxygen and render the birds unconscious or even to kill them. These are sometimes called Controlled Atmosphere Killing (CAK) systems. About one-fifth of chicken processing plants in Europe use gas stun-to-kill systems. Only a few plants in the US use these systems, however. No welfare advantage According to a statement issued by the American Association of Avian Pathologists and the American College of Poultry Veterinarians: “Physiologic evaluation has failed to demonstrate any welfare advantage of any CAS system over other accepted poultry electrical stunning methods in the US... Specifically, pulsed DC or AC low voltage stunning (the current US industry standards) allows plants to achieve instant electro-anesthesia at rates exceeding 99.95% efficiency when properly applied, as denoted by EEG monitoring and physical examination... The alternative CAS systems, while viable, do not offer any known animal welfare advantages and may in fact be associated with poultry excitation and injury prior to loss of consciousness.” While the use of gas is sometimes depicted as “putting chickens to sleep,” the process is not always a pleasant experience. As Dr Bernard Rollin, a professor at Colorado State University and a noted writer on animal welfare, put it: “There is no distress as severe as the feeling of not being able to breathe. This feeling of suffocation is not only a result of lack of oxygen but also the inability to blow off carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide drives respiration. Even though CAS creates unconsciousness, there must be a period when the animal feels a sense of suffocation. For this reason, I do not accept CAS as a humane method of euthanasia.” Some poultry scientists are willing to accept gas stunning but say it offers no significant advantages over conventional processing in terms of humaneness. “The main animal welfare issue with poultry slaughter is the ability to induce instantaneous insensibility,” said Dr Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton, professor of poultry science at Mississippi State University. “The requirement is that all animals be insentient when slaughtered. Both electrical stunning and CAS fulfil this requirement when properly administered. We are continually examining potential technologies that may be equal to, or improve upon, those in current use.” The stunning and slaughter process is covered by the National Chicken Council Animal Welfare Guidelines and Audit Checklist, which is widely followed within the industry. The Guidelines state: “Stunning and killing equipment should be constantly monitored to insure proper functioning for humane processing. Birds should be insensible to pain when killed. A post-stun posture that includes arched neck and wings tucked in is visual evidence of an effective stun. Backup personnel should be employed at the killing station to euthanize manually any bird not properly killed by the equipment.” The National Chicken Council represents integrated chicken producer-processors, the companies that produce, process and market chickens. Member companies of NCC account for approximately 95% of the chicken sold in the US. Source: National Chicken Council (NCC)

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"and if the animals were already killed so cruelly or whatever, then i'd rather eat them and have them fill my stomach than have them be wasted and thrown out because i didnt buy them and eat them." Supply and demand: If enough people ate less meat, eventually someone would realize that there was profit loss going on because of wasted meat, and animals would stop being produced and slaughtered in such great number. Not making any judgments here - just pointing that out because it's happened recently in my hometown, which is pretty environmentally-conscious. There's been a huge rise in vegetarian restaurants and fake meat products.

Its the natural food chain! deal with it!

Eating at McDonald's is no big deal we eat chiken to live cruel to animals its not mcdonalds that kill the chikens is the slughter house they do it for us to ******* eat the environment how is eating chiken bad for the enviroment? and it isnt bad for your helth read the food pyramid it HAS MEAT and plus read carfully of the fml the manager wanted his 50 ******* dollers thats somthing to be pissed about. and mccrualty is from ******* peta that i ******* hate they think they rule the world by telling damn lies like saying vegi sex is the best or saying wearing fur is killing 10 animals for it peta kills animals.I ******* HATE OPEOPLE WITH ******* PETA U DONT DISERV TO BE HERE #63 GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!

I'm thinking McDonalds earned your $50 for putting up with your sorry ass.

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humans are natural predetors. I'm sorry that many people (especially christians for some reason) don't like to think of humans as animals, but i've got a news flash for you: WE ******* ARE!

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Wow... so full of hatred... and ignorance. Started making a decent point, but then your anger lowered your IQ (or perhaps it was already that low) and you begin spouting nonsense. You tell them to read carefully even though you obviously did not. The manager didn't want fifty dollars, he wanted 21 cents, taken out of a 50 dollar bill. And holy cow (or chicken)... you hate people that care for animals? Yeah, sometimes PETA takes things overboard, as there are over-zealous fanatics in all orginizations, but is that a reason to resentful of all members of PETA? I got so much more to say, but I don't think it'd be worth my time, since you are probably to mentally challenged (or just plain old naive) to comprehend it. And to the OP- what a childish reaction. You could have just declined the sauce. Is honey mustard really so important that you would have to throw a bitch fit? You know, anger temporarily lowers sensible thinking, but leaving your wallet after behaving so stupidly was a karmic slap to your face.

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Mcdonald's does not have better food than a sit-in restaurant. Actually they don't even have food as good as the average fast food restaurant.

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you could have lived with out honey mustard rather than breaking an 50

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#286 - Even as a meat eater, I support animal rights. But I still hate PETA. PETA is not an animal rights organisation, they're eco-terrorists, threatening people, destroying property and so on. Also, most of the animals in PETAs shelter are put down without any medical reasons for it, just because they cost money. Yet they continue to "rescue" animals from places where they may not live a great life, but at least live at all. PETA is an organisation of hypocrites. Also, they directly support, or at least supported, the animal liberation front and the earth liberation front, both known for illegal actions. Seriously, if you support PETA, you're actually against animals. See, for example:

You know, McDonald's salads are fatter than the burgers...

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#63 the manager IS a jerk. 21 cents for a small packet of sauce? I usually get those free. And they should come free with your meal.

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#81 You are an idiot. McDonalds is the least healthiest place to get food ever. When I was a vegetarian they couldn't even give me salads without meat. Their food is not healthier than IHOP or a sit in restaurant. What planet are you from?

81- your an idiot ..... just plain stupid , how can you not realize the affects McDonalds (and other fast food chains) have on the environment. like really ? do some actual research before you comment . and also how do you think it's okay to litter something just because it's biodegradable ? honestly the ignorance .

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What the ******* ****? There are page-long comments on this mother ******!!

if u guus are bitching about mcdonalds dont put it on fml.... report it dammit!!! and if you have a big problem with it then dont even eat it or become a vegetarian if this is a huge deal for u

PETA stands for people eating tasty animals ;)

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I agree with 81 at all resturaunts they kill animals not just mc Donald's and if you are a vegetarian, not everyone has to share in YOUR life choices. So please shut up.

What do any of these replies have to do with gay fish?

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Yeah #2 fails in so many ways.. First of all, s/he is second. And s/he needs to learn how to spell first. And nobody cares if s/he's first (or second -.-)

AHAHAHA I didn't even notice that s/he misspelled F.I.R.S.T. SMH some people should not be allowed to be left alone...

mcdonalds is shit it tastes bad and is very fattening OP you deserved it for being a dick I hope you didn't find your wallet and you could have chosen to not get the sauce but since you are a fatass that was not an option

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I would have been pissed too. I would have grabbed tons of shit but not threw it all over the place lol

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You're an asshole, OP. you do realize that it's the cashier who has to clean up everything? They don't make the rules. The owner does. So when dumbfucks like you complain and throw a hissy fit, we have to clean up your mess and listen to your yelling when we aren't even the problem makers.

That's pathetic. Seriously. I know the manager was being an arse, but that doesn't mean you should act the same. You should carry some friggin change on you. Who walks around with just $50s then gets pissy about it?

A rich man carries only 50's, not saying the op is rich.

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HAHAHAH #2 FAIL YOU ******* IDIOT. OP...karma.

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Well that was mature. Why are you carrying around $50s if you don't want to spend them? o.O F their life for having to break that bill for you.

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yeah dude. you're the type of person i hate. having worked with the public for three years, you're probably a cranky guy who expects everyone to be looking out for him. yeah maybe the honey mustard packet sounds dumb to you, but he probably has a good reason. don't be a big baby.

Nah, you don't have to carry change on you, just do what I do. If the establishment accepts credit cards then wait till you get your food and ask for the sauce. If they try to charge you, then have them ring it up as a separate transaction and pay by credit card. They lose a big chunk of that money to the credit card company if they run it plus if they don't want to take your card, then they're in breach of their agreement with the credit card companies and you can report them. Most of the time, instead of going through all that, they just give it to you at that point.

you mean you've never been in the position where you just spent all your change (parking meters, maybe?), and only have bills? It's not like some one looks into their wallet, takes stock, and digs into their piggy bank every time they leave the house. and breaking a fifty isn't bad, having a few fives, tens and twenties is useful.

This (42). working in retail I can find no sympathy for someone who throws a hissyfit at someone who is just doing their job. I'm sure you'd love to have your sauce for free but that doesn't mean you're entitled to it.

How about you skip the honey mustard? What is wrong with you? And you acted like a baby on top of it. Way to go, slick.

the factt that he charged you 21 cents is stupid but your immature for throwing such a fit haha

This man has it pat down. (*Sorry this is in reply to #10) You deserve an award for the dumbest protest ever. Forget the jerk manager. You were the one being a jerk in this instance. And try to keep your temper under control. Common sense takes a backseat when you're in a fit of rage.

You have the right to a peaceful protest, and there's plenty of ways to do so besides littering.

The first rule to getting your revenge on someone is to at least TRY not to stoop down to their level All of that over the manager charging you two dimes and a penny? What are you, ten?

Also, the OP may have wanted it for something that doesn't normally come with dip. The charge is to discourage overuse, the item is not controlled stock (or they would be way over inventory for the number of times they haven't offered me any and I forgot to ask). The OP is very childish, however. I would have considered making 'em break the fiddy revenge enough. Now if I can just get them to understand that I want 2 or 3 ketchup packets, not zero and not 20.