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Today, I had a job interview with a person named Chris. The entire time I couldn't figure out if Chris was a man or woman. The interview went as good as it could have went. At the end I said, "Thank you very much sir." Wrong gender. FML
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  easylazy  |  0

So big deal lots of people call women "sir" it's not THAT impolite that you wouldn't get a job that you are qualified for
FHL for looking like a transvestite

  420bliss  |  0

maybe she was a transvestite... if you went through the whole interview and still didn't know, then WHY would you say sir? that's just retarded...

  cxal_fml  |  0

In business, women who look like transexual are far more likely to get promotions than women who don't (plenty of research studies done on that if you want to look it up yourself).

There is nothing fucked about being a transvestite, but there is something fucked up about someone being old enough to post on FML and still not realizing that s person's sex does not equal their gender. Nearly as bad as someone mistaking a transgendered individual for being a transvestite - VERY, VERY different things, and its shameful that anyone old enough to post here, is so unaware of the meaning they would even consider calling this woman a transvestite, instead of transgendered or transexual

  elektrik_fml  |  0

I don't understand, if you were THAT confused about the gender why did you even risk it? You could have just said "Thank you very much!", I'm sure the absence of "sir" or "mam" would have looked a lot less worse than mixing up genders!

  tgd4444  |  9

probably not. no company would recruit a dumb fuck - who cant differentiate boys and girls.

he probably doesn't have a penis so cant tell who else has one :)

YDI and FYL!

  emmmilyyy  |  0

haha i like this thread. #4 is right, #93 doesn't quite get it, #121 and 139 are correct, and #122 thinks typos are cute, when really they are annoying.

By  Mandy_fml  |  0

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why would they give a job interveiw with stains on their clothes? And if i saw someone with a stain i would think first that they spilled food on themselves. not, "oh its a woman because she was cooking"
and at the job interveiw why would the person have a mop or broom?

  mahpie93  |  0

Johnslider - I'm fed up of the sexism here.
So, no men cook?
And just so you know, I know far more men who spill food down themselves than I do women.
We can use the mops and brooms we constantly hold to clean ourselves up.

  JohnSlider  |  0

Exactly, we invented fucking fire. What have women done to prove their worth? I guess that's why they clean and cook, to make up for their previous short comings.


I agree. You should have stopped at "Thank you very much!" since you were questioning it throughout the interview. Also, you might want to improve your grammar if you're searching for a good job. The interview can't 'go good' but it can 'go well'. If it's a fast food job or something, I'm sure it didn't matter as long as you didn't sound like you intended to poke fun at Chris.


JohnSlider - How about giving birth to babies that grow up to be pieces of shit like you? And God being a man? Completely unfounded. Not to say there is no such thing as God, but deities are gender-less.

PS: Wall-E was a great movie, don't shit all over it by attaching your name to it.

  Anu_Ra  |  0


Wasting so much time trying to find out who's better than who...

Anyway OP: Just try to say "Thank you very much" and leave it at that!

By  meeeep  |  0

#1, name one person that cares besides yourself
OP that sucks, you should have went with just thank you very much and then, if you got the job, asked a coworker. FYL though. good try.