By pinkplasticjesus - Canada
Today, I went to a restaurant and only brought $14 with me to eat. I ordered and ate my meal, then went to the counter to pay for it. I threw $2 into the tip jar then got my bill. My bill was $13.86. I had to reach into the tip jar and take my $2 back so I could pay for my meal. FML
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  armageddillo  |  0

Agreed, especially if you're going to a restaurant, tax isn't hard to estimate and you should probably make sure you have a couple dollars extra. FYL for having to pull out the tip but YDI for going to a restaurant and not checking prices and your wallet.

  Zanquis  |  22

<p>While it is silly to throw in a tip before you pay (the service isn't finished yet).&nbsp;<br /><br />I can only excuse OP for some places only advertise prices without Tax, making it sometimes a bit guessing what the price would be in the end.</p>

By  Logica42  |  0

Pay more attention to prices? YDI... but FYL for the glares and black marks you probably got for taking back your tip. ...wait, no. YDI, period.

Edit: Hey, cool, #8.

By  wbrycem  |  0

Dude, that is so embarrassing. I hate when I don't leave a tip after good service, and have to explain to them that I have no money. So embarrassing. You must never have been broke before