By pinkplasticjesus - / Saturday 20 June 2009 03:17 / Canada
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Agreed, especially if you're going to a restaurant, tax isn't hard to estimate and you should probably make sure you have a couple dollars extra. FYL for having to pull out the tip but YDI for going to a restaurant and not checking prices and your wallet.


While it is silly to throw in a tip before you pay (the service isn't finished yet). 

I can only excuse OP for some places only advertise prices without Tax, making it sometimes a bit guessing what the price would be in the end.

Pay more attention to prices? YDI... but FYL for the glares and black marks you probably got for taking back your tip. ...wait, no. YDI, period. Edit: Hey, cool, #8.

Dude, that is so embarrassing. I hate when I don't leave a tip after good service, and have to explain to them that I have no money. So embarrassing. You must never have been broke before

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