By Anonymous - 22/06/2009 13:32 - Singapore

Today, my 9 year old nephew found his way onto my iTunes. I now have 401 songs titled "aidfj3P" by "ffjiel". FML
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maggie_gxx 0

oh man i love that song! ffjiel is the best. have u heard algfah9?

How was no one watching him for that long that he could change the names of 400 songs


Everlasting_fml 0

Ah, kids. I would be really pissed.

well with iTunes, you can select multiple songs and edit them all at once.

why? he's a kid its actually kinda cute he's showing his smart side :]

adime 4

This is cute if a small animal does it, not a nine year old boy.

you can, but you can't change the names of multiple songs that way. just the other info

How was no one watching him for that long that he could change the names of 400 songs

treli1593 0

you can choose all the songs at once to change an entire group's name or title, etc.

choccochippunch 0
hahafylop 4

maybe it's because fishsticks are good and I'm a genius...

KailyKii 11

How interesting... Please do continue...

this is really awful but hilariuos at the same time. next time hide it properly like remove the start menu access and Hide the desktop icon

hahahaha thats funny that would seriosuly suck though i would hate to fix that.

whyowhy26 3

put him in the oven and dont forget to turn it on.

firstnlast77 0

maybe they couldn't guard their computer 24/7 my cousin does it all the time, but i drain the battery along with hiding it too

tylersign 11

I understand that you're trying to be funny, but you're one sick ******..

iBhope 7

#10 You're comment reminds me of that movie; Case 39 or something like that. Pretty freaky movie I reckon.