By Anonymous - 22/06/2009 13:32 - Singapore

Today, my 9 year old nephew found his way onto my iTunes. I now have 401 songs titled "aidfj3P" by "ffjiel". FML
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maggie_gxx 0

oh man i love that song! ffjiel is the best. have u heard algfah9?

How was no one watching him for that long that he could change the names of 400 songs


gatorsxrule 0

that really sucks just try to find out the names of the songs then you can find the artists easy

NoDeath 0

New Names

hey aidf3jd is an awesome song. you are just jealous ^.^

LMFAO. that sir made my day!!!

ydi for only having 401 songs

TigerWoods101 0

dude wtf?

Shazam app to the rescue!

lolololol. that does suck though

Time to use shazam

Everlasting_fml 0

Ah, kids. I would be really pissed.

well with iTunes, you can select multiple songs and edit them all at once.

why? he's a kid its actually kinda cute he's showing his smart side :]

adime 4

This is cute if a small animal does it, not a nine year old boy.

you can, but you can't change the names of multiple songs that way. just the other info

I love those songs!


How was no one watching him for that long that he could change the names of 400 songs

treli1593 0

no you're just handicapped

I was thinking the same thing

you can choose all the songs at once to change an entire group's name or title, etc.

Like 1 minute....

imkool136 22


gayfish_fml 0

I'm a gay fish.

choccochippunch 0

this made my day!..

hahafylop 4

hahahhaha you made my day

maybe it's because fishsticks are good and I'm a genius...

KailyKii 11

How interesting... Please do continue...

Waka_Flocka_ 3

Nig ger

this is really awful but hilariuos at the same time. next time hide it properly like remove the start menu access and Hide the desktop icon

cucuto89 0

Cool Story BRo

hahahaha thats funny that would seriosuly suck though i would hate to fix that.

whyowhy26 3

put him in the oven and dont forget to turn it on.

firstnlast77 0

maybe they couldn't guard their computer 24/7 my cousin does it all the time, but i drain the battery along with hiding it too

tylersign 11

I understand that you're trying to be funny, but you're one sick fucker..

iBhope 7

#10 You're comment reminds me of that movie; Case 39 or something like that. Pretty freaky movie I reckon.