By can't eat paper - 11/05/2014 01:34 - United States

Today, after a long day at work, I was starving, so I stopped by the drive-through for something to eat. When I got home and hurriedly opened the bag, all I found inside was napkins. Thanks, McDonald's. FML
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FrancesShiver 20

Welcome to McDonalds, we can see you're starving, have some ******* napkins.

This is why you check to make sure they got your order right before you leave!


FrancesShiver 20

Welcome to McDonalds, we can see you're starving, have some ******* napkins.

Hey at least he got the healthiest meal you can get :p

Why didnt check what was in the bag before leaving like any normal, decent person

jazzy_123 20

specially since McDonald's always ***** up the orders. It should be a habit to check the bag as soon as you receive it.

OP, you didn't notice the lack of smell, weight, or heat. You didn't deserve this, but you also can't place all the blame on McDonald's either.

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bitch, mcdonalds is ****** awesome

jazzy_123 20

141, because when you're too damn hungry to make food and you want it FAST then you go get FAST food. You don't have to be such a negative Nelly.

We can't blame him when one is tired all of our senses are weak.

Lol. You didn't expect good service, did you?

Greenteamextreme 16

The bastards always forget my sweet and sour sauce!

erenjaeger 16

I've always gotten the best service at my local McDonalds. Rally's, on the other hand....

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After two years of working at McDonald's and giving the best service I can, I gave up because the customers were assholes. A vast majority of them treat workers like they're trash. But hey, my motto was always 'At least I'm getting paid to work here, not paying to eat here!'

After having worked 2 years in McDonalds myself, i completely agree with 98. I honestly feel that customers should be handed an iq test at the door to be completed before being allowed in. If they get below 20 they should be barred from entry. Although, that would cut off the majority of McDonald's customers...

You guys can down vote me to oblivion for saying this, but honestly mcdonalds workers don't get enough credit. You all run your mouths but i can bet you that you have not worked in fast food if youre complaining like that. A lot of these workers are teenagers trying to save up money and i think mcdonalds is run pretty damn well considering how young workers are and how busy it is most of the time. Its as simple as checking your order before you leave...its really not that hard i can assure you

Its also not that hard to follow an order on a screen in front of you. Around here its pretty clear you need a college degree to manage working fast food.

Goblin182 26

I have worked in a fast food place. I am not claiming that I got every order perfect, but I never forgot to put food in the bag.

@180, it's certainly not difficult (a monkey could do it), but unless you work for the Westboro Baptist church, you deserve to be treated with respect at your place of work, and everywhere else for that matter.

I'm NOT loving it. That is exactly where I went to when I got off work this morning and it tasted horrible. But yet I went lol

OP this is why you check the bag before driving off!

I've gotten home from McDonalds before to find they had forgotten the meat on my burger. It was literally just buns and condiments. I haven't been and will never to go another McDonalds again because of that.

I've had almost the same thing happen, I ordered a sausage biscuit for breakfast and got just the biscuit. How do you forget the sausage in a "sausage biscuit"??

cryssycakesx3 22

they never mess up and give you something better though... :/

Good thing you never went back... The food is crappy anyways..

This is why you check to make sure they got your order right before you leave!

cryssycakesx3 22

yeah, I can't help but to say YDI. McDonald's is known for ******* shit up and everyone knows you check your food before you leave. completely worth it to take a few moments and make sure you don't just get a napkin sandwich.

Yeah they should have checked and 2 they should have noticed that the bag weighed like nothing. Op got screwed but to some extent deserved it

I thought the whole check what they gave you was common for any type of drive through, pick up, or delivery service. If you aren't sitting down in the restaurant, then there is a higher chance of someone being lazy and thinking that you won't bother to come back to complain.

This is also why I never do the drive thru. It's just as fast if not quicker to park. Get out and talk to someone face to face

You didn't notice the lack of McDonalds smell once you got the bag?

91hayek 31

Ahh yes I know that smell. The smell of late nights and drunk fights and lazy nothings that I will regret in the morning when with a sore head, broken body and self hate, I take a huge dump that somehow has taken the smell and transformed it into something even worse than I remember, thus completing the cycle of self loathing that comes with eating McDonalds.

#7 mcdonalds smell is so strong that the napkins and the bag alone would smell like greasy food. Work in fast food for 5 minutes on Amy shift and your entire body will smell like French fries. Trust me.

cosmicriver 17

If a heart attack had a scent, it would be...wait for it....McDonald's.

cosmicriver 17

That was interesting, quite decent and intriguing, as far as writing about McDonald's goes. You just made the process of eating McDonald's, digesting it and dropping it off at the pool sound interesting, and rather deep. Are you a writer? I am not being facetious.

91hayek 31

Not a writer. Yet. Just a guy who once lived on nothing but McDonalds, terrible cider liquor, noodles and hot sauce for a month. Terribly unhealthy but greatly insightful into how much your body can take. You want insight into your lifestyle? Pay attention to what comes out of your rectum.

That must have been a lot of napkins for you not to realize!!!

Maybe all they ordered were ketchup packets, so it could've been hard to tell. Either way, I'd have gone back and complained that they'd forgotten my ketchup packets.

The napkins are probably better for you than the crap they put in their food

They're made from trees so that's a vegetable, right?

squarecircles 13

At least more fibre anyway

They should've put baby oil in it as well...

Baby oil? What did you have for breakfast this morning?!

cryssycakesx3 22

that surely sounds delicious...

graceinsheepwear 33

Well, now we know that #10 uses baby oil and napkins for his self McFun.