By Meow - 11/07/2009 06:28 - Australia

Today, while working at McDonald's a car full of obnoxious teens came through. They had made a $30 order, and handed me a tin of small change, claiming that on a McDonald's ad they saw that we, employees, liked counting change. I had to count out $30 in spare change during a rush period at work. FML
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you should have said "**** you, and come back with cash"...or, you should have gotten your manager to say that instead...i've done that as a manager because bringing in a tin of uncounted change and expecting the clerk to count it for you is just plain rude. it holds up the line behind you and makes everyone unhappy.

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You should have refused them service unless they counted it out themselves. If it was during a rush, your manager would have backed you up.


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YDI for working at mcdonalds :P lol. i wouldn't have even accepted the change.

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thats not really fair to say that she deserves it just because she works at mcdonalds. for a lot of people it is pretty hard to get a job, especially with jobs being so competitive nowadays. that was a really ignorant thing of you to say. but i do agree with the change part. if they want to pay, they have to go exchange the coins for bills or something. it's not fair for you to have to sit there and count their money while you could be doing something better with your time. but don't listen to all of those people who are saying that YDI because you work at mcdonalds. they are just ignorant people who don't know what a hard day's work is.

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I know. YDI, you McDonald's worker. I wouldn't of accepted their change anyway. You should've thrown it at their face. And what commercial said that? I never saw it.

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You realise McDonalds is the best work experience you can get, right?

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It's realize sorry i see people spell it like realise all the time and it annoys me! D:

People spell it realise because that's how it's spelt in Britain. The US spelling for certain words replace the ending s with a z. Like socialise/socialize.

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'YDI F0R W0RK1NG @T MCD0N4LD$!' now I'm not usually one to comment on the way another person prefers to short hand their comments but you do realize the @ symbol stands for 'at' and it was completely unnecessary for you to put a 't' after it don't you? Also, why would she deserve it for simply working fast food? Do you eat at McDonald's? Because if you do, you are actually helping put money into their pay checks.

YDI, im Victoria you can refuse to accept change over a certain amount

hope you put their food down your pants first..trouser food and a side order of fresh ball sack.

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you should have said "**** you, and come back with cash"...or, you should have gotten your manager to say that instead...i've done that as a manager because bringing in a tin of uncounted change and expecting the clerk to count it for you is just plain rude. it holds up the line behind you and makes everyone unhappy.

the change is legal tender, so they were legally required to accept it

You should have said they need to come inside to place that large of an order and then made them count the change out that amoun of food holds up the line too long

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Actually, its perfectly legal and they have to accept it.

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No. If there is more than 10 of 1 type of coin they legally don't have to accept it

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You should have refused them service unless they counted it out themselves. If it was during a rush, your manager would have backed you up.

Yeah, you can easily say. Sorry we can not accept that much change, go to a coinstar and cash it.

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Sadly, that's not how it works. He can't refuse them. IF he did, he could have gotten fired.

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I guess it depends on where you work. I've never worked at McDonald's, but I worked at a Starbucks once, and keeping the line moving quickly is a HUGE deal, as I imagine it also is in a McDonald's drive-through. If someone came in who was holding up the line during a rush by being deliberately obnoxious, and I had politely informed them that we wouldn't be able to serve them unless they changed their behavior (ie, by first counting out the change and then coming through the line) my managers would have been sympathetic and taken my side. It's not good business practice to make a line of ten customers angry just to humor an asshole, and most good managers realize that. It's a different story if the person has a disability, only has change, and needs help counting it (a lot of homeless are like this). Then helping them count the change is part of good customer service, and part of being a good person. But if it's like in the OP's case, and it's a bunch of mean kids, asking them to be respectful of you and the other customers isn't unreasonable.

"Legal Tender for All Debts Public and Private." Read it and weep suckas!

Well for one thing, it only says that on paper money, not change :P And even so, that doesn't mean that doesn't give them the right to refuse it, stupid asshole teenagers

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well actually "Legal Tender for All Debts Public and Private." means that it cant be refused

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No one said the OP should refuse the change...we suggested that she refuse service to the teenagers until they were willing to be respectful of her and the other waiting customers.

i work at a mcdonalds..and i've refused 15 dollars in dimes, nickels and pennies before...and i didnt get fired..or wrote up. my store manager was pissed at the people who did it, not me. i dont take that crap. :)

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What about that "We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone". Kinda trumps the "Legal Tender for All Debts Public and Private" in these kind of situations. I see tons of places that can't take 100 dollar bills for purchases under $50, or in general.

"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." Suck on that nut sucka!

That's what you get for working at McDonalds.

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Nice asshole, what great job do you have? I bet none.

**** you for making fun of her for working at McDonald's, dude, seriously. Most people that work in fast food are working there until they can complete their education and get a better job, like me. I hate so much when people talk down to me because I work at chick-fil-a. I have a 3.8 GPA, but I'm still in college working towards a degree. You need to **** off dude. To the OP, that really sucks,I hate it when people do that. It's so super rude. :(

He probably lives in the city, where it's not your average citizen working there, mostly Mexicans (NO OFFENSE) and he's just racist.

"flipping burgers is not beneath you." - bill gates.

Don't be mean man. Some people didn't get equal opportunities, or maybe the OP is very smart, and just is doing it to get by in hard times. Don't judge, my dad is a respected neurosurgeon, but when he was young, he worked as a bike mechanic. The best people come from the smallest things.

I never said anything regarding OP's intellect etc, etc. I simply said that's what she get's for working at McDonald's, as in she should have expected this. Not much of a FML either, it's part of the job.

Ok, I do see your point, just the way you phrased it, it seemed like you were being condescending. Those kids are real assholes. Treating an McDonald employee like they are less, and deserve having to count out their change. Just because they signed up for that job, doesnt mean you should give them shit.

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i agree you shouldnt complain. its a fast food place. maybe you need a real job?

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so? i do that all the time. not for 30$ things but i only buy certain things in change, like movie tickets. thats part of your job, and yes, sometimes while working, you're going to be inconvenienced

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no screw you. that's why there are banks and coinstar machines. quit being a lazy prick and use them.

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Wouldent using the machine make you a lazy prik??

Yeah, and that's why you're a dick...people think just because people are at work it gives them the right to do whatever they want and treat the employees however they want. Yeah, I'm sure that person getting minimum wage just loves catering to your whims because you're too lazy to either count it out yourself or can't drive to an atm. Those people all secretly hate you.

When do you do it? If there is a line then only use what I call logical change. For instance, paying for a $12.50 movie with several one and two dollar coins and two quarters is OK. Even, say, six quarters. It's not ideal, but an experienced cashier can count it out in five seconds. But a pile of dimes, nickels, and quarters? I work at Starbucks, and whenever someone pays with a pile of fairly random change when it's quiet and look apologetic I always assure them that it's perfectly OK when there's no line. But when it happens in the middle of the rush like in this FML then it slows down everyone behind them in line, and suddenly I have to deal with a bunch of people who waited too long for their orders even though my staff was doing a great job.

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yes. because before i walk to the movies which is two blocks from my house, im gonna run 3 miles to the bank since i can't drive. i have the decency to make stacks of quarters, and i do it away from the line so that when i get to the front, i just hand it to them. so shut up.

@ eatmydust: then it's not the same as what the OP described. Thank you for having the common courtesy to stack the coins in a logical manner and not handing a cashier a pile.

it doesn't just inconvenience the enployees, it irritates the other customers as well.