By Raptorcake - 15/08/2016 12:50 - Australia - Calwell

Today, it's my birthday and I celebrated with friends. I now have 34 individual copies of the first Twilight movie. FML
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Sell them for $5 each, buy yourself a massive bottle of vodka. Happy Birthday!

deathstroke990 22

hey free fire starters


Sell them for $5 each, buy yourself a massive bottle of vodka. Happy Birthday!

I'd be surprise if they could be sold for $5 each...

chrisbeaudoin 26

I'd be surprised if they would sell at all, even giving them a way for free might be hard to get people to take.

This just might be the best advice I've seen on this site

Well that escaleted quickly.

Can't you just return them?

Mathalamus 24

wow, your friends have no coordination whatsoever. sell them for 10 dollars each, and get yourself two massive bottles of Vodka. :P

deathstroke990 22

for that price they could just buy them at the store tf

I'd say they have brilliant coordination.

Yea. They obviously did coordinate that. do you really think they'd all accidentally get the same thing? Clearly a joke and I wish I had seen OP's face xD

Why did #4 get so many dislikes people are such uptight cunts on here

Probably because half of their comment ripped off someone else's.

deathstroke990 22

hey free fire starters

movies don't burn well

deathstroke990 22

I read it as books originally lmao

come on friends it's 2016

either they're all lazy and decided to get you the same gift to avoid putting any effort into gifts, or it was purely coincidental that each of your friends had a copy of the movie they didn't want.

or maybe they just all planned it? only way 30+ could bring the same gift.

Or it was a planned joke.

I know there's no kill quite like overkill, but this is ridiculous!

tbrill 15

Well, on a bright note OP, at least your friends have a sense of humor? They all probably coordinated for the sake of a good story / laugh. Hope your birthday was otherwise really great though!

still a better love story than Twilight