By poorman - 11/08/2014 19:54 - United States - Huntington Beach

Today, a customer came into McDonalds and placed his order. He insisted on putting each coin on the counter rather than handing them straight to me, because he doesn't like touching "poor people". FML
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sexyboi1985 27

Did you touch him by punching him in his face ?

This has happened to me too... People can be very petty.


sexyboi1985 27

Did you touch him by punching him in his face ?

Kyle1dc 17

You totally should've put some hair or spit in his food, guess who's touching your internal organs asshole! Bonus points if you get a sick coworker to do it with you.

Lebeaugars95 20

did you tell him the 'poor' people are the ones making his food?

#15: Umm a surgeon? That's the only person I'll allow to fondle my internal organs. Or my rectum.

Welshite.... Didn't even notice it autocorrected oops.

i use to hand it back to them the same way and they would get mad.

orbit 22

If he was so rich why was he using coins?

Did you put each French fry on the counter?

Dude you should've been like "oh that's fine, I don't like touching assholes anyways. Too much shit going on."

@76 If he's like me, (no not the rude aspect) he uses change instead of a bill because we hate breaking bills down. If I have a $5 and a dollar and some change, and make a purchase of $1.87 I will find the best way possible to come up with that amount instead of using the $5 bill.

@76 Rich people have coins too! Just more of them.

incoherentrmblr 21

I take it he Nickel & Dimed you?...

This has happened to me too... People can be very petty.

How does this happen more than once? I mean, I don't wanna side with the guy 'cause he sounds like a complete ass but if you don't like 'poor people' as he put it, why the f would you go to Mcdonalds?

Actually, come to think of it, you don't really touch other people's hands when exchanging money anyway.. I kind of drop it into their hands in a specific way so as to not drop coins everywhere. This makes no sense on any level. But then I guess I'm a fool for trying to find logic in this kind of thing...

Greenteamextreme 16

I worked in fast food while at uni and had this happen... I looked him dead in the eye and said I was completing a degree with honours at uni and contributing to science. The hospitality job was just to keep me occupied and earning whilst learning. casual fast food jobs often offer flexibility with hours. The ******** assumed because I was in fast food that I had to be dumb and poor. Dont make assumptions people. Fast food employees may be the next doctors and lawyers!

My question is why did he automatically assume he's poor. Could be a Baller outside of work. Just likes a constant pay

You should have insisted on giving him a hug.

He should have grabbed a rubber glove to pick up the change!

You should have tried to hold his hand.

Perhaps he had peniaphobia, the fear of poverty.

... There is no such thing. People need to harden the **** up. I mean why does there have to be a fear for everything? I could run my hand through my hair.... WHOAH WHATCH OUT, here comes another pointless scientific name for something that doesn't exist.

Fears don't have to be rational to be real. Not the I agree with what the customer did. But there are plenty of phobias which people can't control.

I'm afraid of faces, I realize my fear is irrational and ridiculous; just because it's a jerk like fear (such as homophobia or the fear of certain races) doesn't mean it cannot exists. I also fear men because of a certain event early in my childhood. Yes, it's awful that some of the people with these fears have bad ways of reacting to their particular fear (such as racism, sexism, vulgar language, violence), but they exist wether we agree or not.

mvc3ftw 17

#112, Can I visit you on Halloween?

ChristianH39 30

Phobias are anxiety disorders, some may sound ridiculous but they definitely do exist. A phobia isn't just a fear, it's a fear of something irrational or to an irrational degree

#99, just because you are ignorant and don't like certain things doesn't make them any less real.

I suppose you could, 126; you wouldn't see me since I avoid my doors like it's a disease. Due to my irrational fear of faces I tend to avoid windows, doors, or anything that may show the outside world. Strangely, since you mentioned Halloween, masks don't set off my attacks, so I can talk to someone just fine if their face is covered.

Swandive235 27

Anyone who pays with coins is cheap or poor. So this guy is obviously jealous.

I get a bit of twisted pleasure in paying with exact change. And better still when it comes to, say $7.35 and paying with $12.35 and watching the person behind the register almost stroke out trying to figure out that I wanted a $5 bill back

Or pushing his problems on others. I know there is some psychological term for it.

16, the term is "projecting" I believe.

If he thinks he's so much better why is he eating at mcdonalds?

Yep, mcdonalds is very high classed! (for people who can't tell, this is SARCASM)

I would've told him that there's a new policy where you have to shake hands with customers for being 'great'

But yet he'll let them handle his food? OK.

Seriously. If he doesn't want poor people touching him, why is he ok with them touching/making his food?