By pathetic - 31/10/2009 10:08 - Australia

Today, it's Saturday night, and also Halloween. Instead of going out, I'm sitting at home on MSN telling everyone who asks me what I'm doing tonight that I'm 'going out in 10 minutes to a party', then when 10 minutes pass, I block them. FML
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i wonder if OP stopped to think that the people she was messaging were going to invite her somewhere, but didn't cause she said she was already busy.

Halloween has little significance in Australia.

fake. she just wanted to get on FML Today, I realised my life is so ****** that I write fakes. FML

Why does this have to be fake? I'm not going out tonight and I'm pretty down about it too.

yeah but why would she be on msn in the first place if all she is doing is telling people shes going to a party?

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And yet, OP still has the chance to make different plans, so boo ******* hoo. Happy Halloween everyone!

appear offline? don't sign in? You deserve it times a hundred

Reyo 2's perfectly acceptable to say "nothing". I went to a party last night, and as of now, I'd much rathor stay at home and do nothing. Hell, you could go buy an industrial sized bag of candy and hand little treats to the teeny weeny little children of the culdesac. Not everyone "has" to do something, and in the event that you aren't, don't mope around saying "Ho hum. No one likes me."

I'm the same, sitting at home, eating raw cookie dough... Screw halloween, I'd rather be at Stonehenge

starayo's right, no-one cares about halloween in australia. so it's not an fml at all.

Whats the big deal. So you don't go out on Halloween. Because its so significant. Yes, I know it's fun to go out but why does it have to be so upsetting if you don't. Learn to enjoy your own down time. Do something fun with yourself.... Put on your favorite halloween movie, make a special snack... you don't have to be at a party or trick or treating to enjoy the night. My guy is out of town so instead of going to a party or something of that sort, I'm enjoying the good weather and a quiet night in. Doesn't make the night any worse for the wear.

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ya thats trueee.. i was thinking tht toooo

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she might be a nerd, and just wanting to look cool. lol.

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it's only Saturday morning here

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Australia is in the western hemisphere as well haha

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Wow...No it isn't... It's in the Eastern Hemisphere... I'd expect someone to know what hemisphere they live in.

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in the spirit of things that really is one of the scariest plans I've ever heard.

lol @ #5 but yeah dude, just go up afriend or two and go to a haunted house or something.

In Australia? I've lived here all my life and have yet to come across anything more scary than New Norcia (which is really not that scary at all) :(

Try going to Newcastle at night. Tis not pretty.

haha ftw - sheffield's city centre is way worse tho :/ its like camel toe central

Reply to Newcastle comment: The queues for Krash and other rock-type bars were so long me & my friends just quit and went to the Student Union. OP- Should just have got a mate over and watched scary films and eaten sweets. If none of my friends have organised Halloween parties, I try to sort something out myself. Did you think of that?

Wanna hang out? Haha cause I got the same plan

Then what do u tell them when they can't find any party pics on your fb?

Not everyone posts their life on facebook. If you judge whether or not someone went somewhere by the pictures on their facebook, you have issues.

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exactly what i was thinking! i dont have a facebook partly for that reason

#13 and #16: I think WonderBlunder was mocking people like that.

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wow hittin em where it hurts' yeah hes difinetly mockin the people who dont go out alot or have 13000 pics on their facebooks. Miss the good old days when people used only msn messenger and no one could tell how many "contacts you have" facebook is a revolution but its definately a popularity contest too. Its more like a in depth analytic RESUME or analysis of your social status.. think about it/ ur pics show how cool u are how much you party how many people hang out with you. literally how many friends you have . ur popularity and basically ur social status. even ur pic comments tell people, if other people think ur hot. for example, Believe it or not, if u look like shrek, but have a few pic comments that say ur really hot.. right.. a new girl u meet is gonna automatically read those comments and think ur hot too.. its how minds work. ur wall shows how much people talk to u how friendly they are when they talk to u. see ppl, back with msn..right.. u meet new people and you have a new slate, a new chance to be how cool you wanna be , you could pretend to be the coolest most popular, partying person that ever lived, and the new crowd, would believe you.. wouldnt they.. ahhh.. yeah they would. they wouldnt knw any better , and you could be anyone you wanna be. But in facebook, no bullshit.. people know exactly where you stand, and thats exactly how most people will treat you. Hey! for some people or actually quite a few people, thats great.. you know, not for everyone. I am not biased and definately not talking about my self. just saying how i think facebook changed how we socialize. And believe me its true. its not a bad thing either. just the way it is.

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I'm sensing some facebook issues O.o

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Actually, a lot of the people I know who care about social capital are paring down their friends lists ("friend purging") in order to seem more exclusive/elitist. Having over 300 friends is a sign that you're desperate to seem like you have friends, which means you probably don't really have very many.

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#35 wow ur comment is so long it hurts my eyes

I don't pare mine down in an effort to be "elitist" I just don't give a damn about what's going in the daily lives of 300 complete strangers.

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Right, I didn't say everyone with not very many friends thinks that way. (I'm more where you're at.) It's just that #35 (which I'll admit I didn't read all of) seemed to be complaining that people think it's important to have high numbers of facebook friends.

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wow meezer, you're so retarded, it amazes me. o_O

It's only a popularity contest when people allow it to become so. I feel sorry for the people who actually care what some stranger thinks of their profiles. Friend numbers, to me, its utterly irrelevant, and I don't add people I don't know, end of. Does nobody read the papers? :l

"#13 and #16: I think WonderBlunder was mocking people like that." "yeah hes difinetly mockin the people who dont go out alot or have 13000 pics on their facebooks." he was mocking the people that do have 13000 pics on their facebook, is what #25 was saying.

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@59--I have over 300 and I am not "desperate to have friends"...anyone who thinks that their life is judged purely on facebook, is an idiot. Most of the people on my friends list, are there for good reason--keep in contact from high school, college, and many are family members who live far away. If people are purging their lists to seem "elitist", they really need to get a life and prove it.

How about just getting off of msn? No need to BLOCK people. Even if you just watch scary movies on tv or somewthing...