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i dont rlly think tht is a fml it just means u have no life

u will have friends some day don't worry!


i dont rlly think tht is a fml it just means u have no life

hmmm looks like someone needs to get some.....friends

Go to a bar and get a life then. Lol

i stay home on saturdays sometimes no harm in that!..

its funny because you posted in the wrong website this is more a MLIA than an FML

ure fault completely. If u rlly wanted to "have a life," u wulda done sumthing bout it by now. but apparently u haven't

awww you poor lonley bastard cheer up :D

it's funny because you are trying to make people think you have a life but you dont

I do too. 13 it's just another day


ydi for thinking a life can be found at the bar. i think you just need friends... we'll be your friends (:<

what's wrong with watching movies?

I never even look to see it it's off a moblie device or what not. who cares?

go out and get laid.. pussy...

69, Thats what I was thinking.

yea but ur its ok

so.. ppl tought u had a life afterwards?

if you had a life and was actually having a good time at the bar you wouldnt be on facebook.

couldn't agree more #1 op why don't you go to the damn bar if you want to be there, if you don't want to then stop being a drama queen

well it would be an fml if OP had a life worth effing. lol I do stuff like that-- like when I cancel plans with someone I make fake statuses to cover up and make my lie look legit lol

I agree with 92! If you wanted to look like you were having a life than you shouldn't have updated your status at all. and secondly, people could care less whether the status comes from a mobile or not. Just Sayin'

20. grammar Nazi alert. really* that* you*

u will have friends some day don't worry!

Friends are overrated.

Loners can have friends. They're also usually introverted and like time to themselves more often.

I don't understand what's keeping you from going out?

Lack of communication with people face to face.

Why would they automatically assume you were at a bar?

YDI for using Facebook. YDI for having an Ipod or any other crApple product. YDI for caring what other people think. YDI for having a bed. YDI for watching movies. YDI for using Netflix.

i dnt see how the name has any relevance to anything.

Don't believe him! He's just saying he loves you to get into your pants again! [edit: damn you, you've beaten me to it AGAIN]

if you're updating fb on your super cool hang out time then you have no life anyway

so get out and get some friends?

is this a girl or a guy?

#10 i was wondering the same thing lol

ahahahaha I'm a wanker! and you suck for caring what others think about you, tell them to screw off and fuck a camel