By nolife - 30/08/2012 01:33 - United States - Richmond

Today, I purposely misspelled words while texting my boyfriend so he would think I was out partying and having a life. FML
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mintcar 9

Or you could actually go out partying and have a life.


Yeah, and purposely misspelling words makes a person seem dumber than what they are, OP.

mzrobinson 13

Why don't you go out with him instead?

AbstraktThoughts 13

I guess lying to your significant other is the new trend now. YDI op.

BeforeItWasCool 12

How exactly does poor spelling make one seem to be at a party, or having a life? In any case, you shouldn't be trying to 'impress' him with your terrible spelling. For one, if I were your boyfriend OP, I'd be put off by bad spelling. For another, it's just a little sad to fabricate your own life because you feel it's not good enough.

Trix_Disorder 20

Poor spelling = drunk in some people.

BeforeItWasCool 12

63- True enough, but OP doesn't indicate any mention of a party. From the FML it seems OP relied on the poor spelling alone to suggest they were at a party. The boyfriend isn't necessarily going to come to the drunk conclusion.

boxbrandon11 20

You should goto his house and MAKE a life ;)

How did you land a boyfriend with that kind of attitude?

jjstock 7

My question is,why do people have to party to have a life? You can do other things and have a life!

67, I get that you're making a silly sex joke but PLEASE don't tell me you're encouraging dumb asses like OP and her bf to have a baby... "go make a life" wink wink smiley face? HELL NO. There should be an intelligence test to pass before people are allowed to procreate.

51- I think the misspelling was because she was supposedly texting really fast so she could keep on partying.

If you have to lie to your significant other for him to think you're cool, then something is wrong.

mintcar 9

Or you could actually go out partying and have a life.

AbstraktThoughts 13

It's sad to see that our society has gotten so bad that to have a life, you gotta party and get drunk/high. What happened to other shit like going out to the park and having fun with friends? God damn.

How does poor grammar demonstrate that you have a life? It just makes you look like an idiot.

24- it's not the only thing you can do but it's the most fun :D

24 - Since when is getting drunk a revolutionary countercultural trend? I'm pretty sure that people have been getting drunk to socialize and have a good time since drinking was invented, which was a long, long time ago. What's sad is that you spend your free time perusing a website called **** my life, making moral judgements on other people and our society.

You do realize that you're being just as judgmental as the person you're accusing is? Also, you are on this site as well, so actually what's sad is that you can't see your hypocrisy. Partying is not the most fun there is to have by a long shot. Kid your profile says that you are 15 years old, so how the **** would you know? Partying is fine and acceptable in moderation, but it's also a huge waste of a persons life when done to excess. Believe me, I started way too young and it turned into a raging addiction, which I thankfully managed to overcome in one piece.

I don't like partying; I'd rather play video games >:)

AbstraktThoughts 13

35: Please tell me, in which part of my comment did I make a moral judgment? I stated a simple fact that our current youth depends too much on shit like alcohol/drugs to have fun. I would say more to get you to shut the **** up, but 50 has done a great job saying what needs to be said. Oh, by the way. I think you meant to spell "pursuing". Gtfo!

80, calm down. You're wrong. Go look up perusing in the dictionary. NOT pursuing. So !YOU ¡ GTFO. As for 35, he has a point. People have been getting ****** up basically since we became conscious. Life is hard- "drink this fermented beverage and things will be fun times." I agree that kids rely too much on the "getting ****** up" aspect-binge drinking and whatnot- but it's certainly not a new concept. If you idealize some golden age of temperance (that's never existed) or condemn today's youth for being dumb YOLO *****, what do you accomplish? Try not being a total confrontational asshole. That's one way to ensure better interpersonal relationships WITHOUT the use of substances. Unless you forgot to take your meds this morning ;)

Lycanian 3

I accidentally clicked on this FML, but had to come back just to say that this comment is awesome.

Sunkissedgal 6

I think I speak for the majority when I say its time for a real social life. You can do it. We all believe in you.

You should ask the community before you speak on their behalf

^^Fml life lesson right there Other lessons include if you get thumbed down for a stupid comment, DONT argue Never comment "first" Theres alot to learn young one

dolceandkabana 1
Sunkissedgal 6

Apparently people take FML a little too seriously.

Sunkissedgal 6

Considering that a great percentage of the commenters have mentioned to OP that they need a life...I think I'm pretty well covered. Have some decency.

Thanks 57, we know. Maybe you should teach a ******* seminar on it at the learning annex. Too bad you can't bury someone with downvotes in real life!

Oh, and 83? Around here we check our decency at the door. And we always take off our shoes.

lemonademixer 7

Does it hurt for you to have some decency?

Well, go out have fun (with or without him)

How did the bf do anything bad, for OP to dump him?

95- I enterprated the "with or without him" as a frequent break up with him comment. It was probably me misunderstanding it though

Or he'll think that you hit your head and forgot how to spell.

Uh oh he might think wrong...if I spelle anything wrong sorry and dam you if you correct me I was in a rush!

memily63 12

If you're in a rush then why are you on here posting comments...

Llama_Face89 33

If you hadn't said anything about being in a rush people would have just thought you were mocking OP...

laoxo16 10
habibiiiiiii 2

Make friends and go out! It's all about ur attitude and it's up to u (:

Well if she had a tumblr then she doesn't need one.