By Anonymous - 25/10/2010 07:21 - Australia

Today, I was on MSN when the conversation died. So I lied and told them I had to go get ready for a party, and that everyone was expecting me there. I spent the rest of the night playing The Sims. FML
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The Sims is awesome. I'm jealous.

Hey nothing wrong with SIMS lol Its so frickin addicting


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sims nightlife? sims university? sims magic:)?

rallets 22

The SIMS : Jersey Shore :O holy shit, theres an idea for a game haha

is it so hard just to tell the truth?

lemoncows 2

I'd rather play sims honestly

thesunsetglow_fml 8

Yeah, the sims is amazing!! Who gives a shit about going to get drunk, I'd rather play god. :)

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wow I have never played the sims...I kinda wanna try it after reading all this positive feedback.

Hey nothing wrong with SIMS lol Its so frickin addicting

Ahh the sims. bringing joy to introverted virgins for over 10 years.

4 shut up dude your only 17 n ure talking about virgins like that's what matters.. it's a game vs hangin out at a party. not whose had sex n who hasn't.

I read your profile #4. I'm Irish and Cherokee too. (Just thought that was a cool coincidence.)

It is awesome isn't it?! And to the person who takes everything in life way too seriously: calm down.

Another Irish/Cherokee mutt here. You can only see the Irish in my pic, but I've got nearly black eyes and a conspicuous lack of body fat to attest to the Cherokee. I'm likely more Cherokee than Irish; alas, I'm one generation too late for the NA benefits. My username's just an allusion to my real name.

I'm part Native American, although I don't know what tribe-- considering the area, it's possible that I could be Cherokee as well! The reason why I don't know precisely what tribe is because it occurred "out of wedlock", so my conservative relatives refuse to talk about it...

Yeah what are you trying to say? The Sims is awesome.

the sims is sooo addicting the sims is awesomee

if your msn convo died how did you tell them you were going to a party???????

I think they mean the other person/people stopped talking to them, not that messenger crashed.

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She means the conversation got boring.

She could mean anything for all we know!! that's why details are important!!!

Saying a conversation died is a very common phrase meaning you'd run out of things to talk about - I mean, come on :/