By purplepixie23 - 22/9/2018 14:00
Today, it's -5°C outside and snowing and it's only September. If that wasn’t bad enough, we aren't allowed to have the heat on at work due to a menopausal monster who loses her shit and throws things if we turn it on. I can't feel my toes. FML
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  ctronnie46  |  7

I totally agree!! I'm pre-menopausal & have horrific raging hot flashes at work.
But I would never make my coworkers suffer in the cold for my comfort.
Thankfully I have a job where they let me run outside in the cool air when this happens.

  LostInTheZone11  |  28

When Metric and Imperial collide.

By  KaD6  |  23

Most of the places I've worked I've had the opposite problem- some shrew who's freezing. One place I worked at had the heat up all summer, it was almost 90 in the office. Everyone was red faced, sweating and I just about puked. And this young hag would wear a heavy coat to work with nothing but a tank top. She must have been blowing someone, otherwise why wouldn't you just tell her to put on a damn sweater?

By  KittyMack  |  13

I generally believe in keeping shared spaces to the coolest temp preferred, and the folks who want to be warmer dress heavier or use a space heater. But this sounds a lot more extreme than the typical "15 vs 25" battle. Below freezing and no heat is nuts.
And getting one's way by throwing shit? That sort of workplace behavior should not be rewarded!
Get Ms Sweaty a fan or a wee A/C maybe? Ice packs? Is it the sort of job where she could telecommute? Surely there is some option that would work. The boss is a loser for not finding a reasonable solution to this.

  KaD6  |  23

Exactly. If you're too cold you can PUT SOMETHING ON, but if you're too hot your job isn't going to let you sit around naked. This lady though, she needs to see a doctor and get some treatment, hormonal, herbal or otherwise. Or she can get a cooling gel bandana and wrist wraps.

By  Charlie Given  |  23

This is work place harassment and abuse you need to report her stupid ass,have a mass walkout and see how fast her attitude changes when her boss or the owner shows up 🤔😈