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  a_nutritionist  |  10

@39 ok you can read this 1 of 2 ways. 1. you find something objectionable about raping a cat, but make no reference to raping people and thus condone it. 2. youve tried before and found out it cant be done.
im willing to overlook a possible satire in favour of labelling you creepy.

  ColdplaySucks  |  18

Ok Jodee Blanco's please stop laughing me at me book doesn't seem to give good advise on bullying.

Get a gun license, buy a shotgun & tell him to fuck off or he'll get two slugs in the head.

  Steventhe3rd  |  0

You can't do that the bullets would probably kill him buy a handgun and get some rubber bullets. They hurt like hell and 5 of them can stop the average man. Shoot for the body and finish him of with taser to the ass.

  tona01  |  16

find out where the bully is and what is his phone number, after that you need to call him and just breathe heavily and hang up. every once in a while write on his window " i know what you did"
if done correctly your bully/stalker will
be more concerned about his stalker, instead of you

  _gods_will_  |  0

OP. You sir are a b*tch for not doing something before now. even calling the cops would have been less of a pussy move than taking shit for over 15 years. You are pathetic. Do something or admit the fact that you are so pathetic you deserve this.


I agree, grow some balls and tell him it's not your fault his life is so pathetic he has to relive his glory days as a 15 year old, but this isn't high school and he needs to grow the fuck up and move on. Also you need to stop being such a bitch.


guys u got it all wrong, what you gotta do is steal his car's wheels take all hid clothing away while he's showering ( including towels and such ) light his house on fire grease up the staircase, and put a pile of shit on the bottom of it, then you will truly have taken revenge ( while all this goes down you could fuck his wife/girlfriend for a bonus )

  Stu2DPot  |  10

Tell him to grow up. He's a loser for harassing you for this long, and must really be obsessed with you if he's found the time to call you every year.

  cldean24  |  4

Don't join the military to learn how to kick someone's ass. They teach you to tactfully kill people, not fist fight. -_-

  jo0owe  |  9

i think becoming a body builder only to scare him would be the biggest waste of time, just enter his house at night, tie him up and pour water on him but put the water in a red gas tank beforehand ...that should do it