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By Not a day over 35 - 18/06/2013 13:06 - United States - Anchorage

Today, I turned 29. To celebrate, my office got me a cake that read "Happy 38th!!" The "theme" of the "party" was 'Not a day over 35!' I waited all day for someone to tell me it was all a prank, but nobody did. I spent my lunch hour crying in my car. Happy birthday to me. FML
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At least you're not going to be a grandpa :) Happy Birthday!

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Is that from the 13 year old fml?

Hey I just turned 29 on the 11th June... Being 29 sucks... I feel so old... 30 is right there :(

There there, you don't look a day over 35 at least =)

I have to ask, why didn't you say that you were turning 29 to begin with? I get it that it got to you with them possibly cracking an "old" joke, but 29 is not the new 38....I'm sorry that you cried though OP. I hope your 29th is the best year yet.

My question is why didn't anyone in the office know her real age? An 11 year difference is a substantial age gap too.

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Women can be a bit weird when asked about their age. Although I imagine someone at "personnel" should have known. Maybe they weren't involved in setting up the party.

She should be happy that she's 29 instead of 38. Who cries over something like that? It would be different if it was your family but at work? I'm sorry but I wouldn't be pressed about wht your co workers think or assume.

Her birthday year may have been recorded incorrectly in the offices files or wherever that stuff is

48, she's unhappy because everyone thinks she's older than she is...

Just gotta say...technically this is her 30th year now. Her 29th just finished. That is all. *hides*

Read the FML, 81. Today, she's turning 29.

Do your math 86, 81 is technically right.

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There are a lot of idiot comments here. At #86. U don't start at age 1. Op has been around for 29 years, not entering the 29th year of life. #81 is right. You may have to use logic and some brain power to figure what she is saying. The people who down voted her aren't using their brains.

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If u look younger than 35 now u can hope it will be like that when you're actually 39. Otherwise correct them right away and use their guilt for better presents.

It's only a 9 year difference people how the hell do people think its eleven

How the hell do people read and do maths?

LaLince, you are such a freaking..... Genius for that equation!!

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So really she must be an 11 year old child at heart so she's full of joy and energy

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Theoretical arithmetic right there.

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Tell everyone tomorrow. Maybe they'll feel so bad that you'll get cake and presents all over again! Who doesn't love cake?

@49 - I'm inclined to agree there, unless of the cookie variety. Spring for the 'take me drinking' card, OP. Then you can get birthday sex from your drunk hunk of a male co-worker.

I'm more of a pie me some of the Putang Pie ;)

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Cake's to sweet. That is the logic for cake haters! Go cake haters! I can't even eat a lot of chocolate at one time. About 2 bars max of solid chocolate. I do like cookies though. And donuts.

#99 It doesn't matter what kind of pie you like! ;P

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I was waiting for a man in a diaper to pop out of the cake

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And that's where I would put my creative comment. If I had one! (Reference to your profile pic)

I don't really get how they could get your age that wrong when they planned a party for you. Like they would have to know your age for the party, if it was intentional that's just mean. Happy birthday anyway, please don't let inconsiderate others get in the way of your special day :) And remember, you're as young as you feel x

Honestly, at least they cared enough to give you a party. And, why did you cry? You got free cake. You're also not, technically, a day over 35

This x100. I know some people can be sensitive about their age, but your co-workers cared enough to hold a party for you. That's pretty awesome imo (even if they did get your age wrong). Some of my birthdays have been flat-out forgotten by my friends. :(

My own father doesn't remember my birthday. If co-workers threw me a party, I'd feel pretty Damn special. However, if they thought I was 9 years older than I actually am, I would probably say something. Like: "Hey, guys? I'm only xx. lol" Not a huge deal, but a lot of people ( especially women) get sensitive when they get close to 30.

they probably just though you were old or you look old or something *patrick star voice*

You can't be crying on your birthday! You got to make the most of it! Happy birthday and get out there and do something fun.