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Today, it's my 21st birthday. I got a call from my deadbeat dad, who I thought had finally mellowed and had something nice to say. Nope; he just told me I'm 21 years a disappointment, then hung up. FML
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Op you don't f*cking need him, you're twenty one now, you came so far, good job


Op you don't f*cking need him, you're twenty one now, you came so far, good job

OP's dad sounds like a douchebag. There's no good reason to say what he did, especially if hardly even sees his son. #1 is right: forget this guy, OP.

atleast his dad remembered when his birthday was

incoherentrmblr 21

I bet he was also voted most likely to exceed 5 cats too...

Kn0wledge123 21

You made it 21 years without the fucker. You don't need him

At least he remembered Op's birthday

And then kick his already sore ass.

lexi365 20

And then after kicking his ass, go drink legally :P

I hope you don't literally mean it.

maybe he's the sins of his father.

I guess he's lost a lot of brain cells over the 21 year period, cos he's still about as useless as a third boob... Btw, happy birthday... Go drink up! Cheers!

Fyl OP,just live your life and deny what your father says.

Just live your life! Ayyyyyy

Wow, he really is father of the year.

Wow. With charm like that, how did he even get someone to have sex with him in the first place?

Profile picture + comment = yes

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happy birthday! and forget your dad he's stupid.

My dad called me on my birthday from Portugal and told me the weather was nice and sunny and he was glad he wasn't in the UK with the rubbish weather. Your dad sounds like he isn't worth your time so there isn't much point in worrying about him :)

people like him piss me off. hes just out to make your life miserable. dont let him though, even though thats easier said then done. theres lots of great people in this world who can be male role models for you. learn from the way he treats you in a positive light, and dont become like him