By hopeless - 08/04/2011 15:03

Today, is my birthday. Everyone forgot except my stalker. He rang the door bell the second it turned 12:00. FML
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spadesghost 1

go out with him, at least he's punctual.


MaskingTape 2

sorry? your stalker at least loves you more than your family. I'd say invite him in, what harm could that do? maybe you'll get a present.

gutzz 0

he's saying sorry for knocking on the door so loud.

At least you know he cares! I only stalk the guts I really love(: Happy Birthday op!!(:

*girls :P Autocorrect is my stalker, she follows me everywhere. I know just how to turn her off, but I'd be lonely without her. D:

lol!! omg, troll! how I've missed u. where the hell have you been?

I've been on the moon! I've got Martian vaginas and alien crispies, if you're interested.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Martians moved to the moon after Al Gore convinced them of global warming. They're regretting that decision.

so is Al Gore as he is currently hurtling towards the sun strapped to a rocket.

pimplayer 0

al gore was genuinly trying to help the world. people always say if global warming is true than why is it so cold. lemme hit you with some knowledge global warming simply means we will have hotter summers and colder winters therefore cutting off fall and spring. my point is eventually the weather will change so dramaticly that humans will no longer be able to live on earth. *pimped slapped*

lulzcow 0

hey at least someone cares. you should have invited him in for a late dinner and birthday sex.

SweetMonkey15 3

109 I always thought auto correct was a boy lol

spadesghost 1

go out with him, at least he's punctual.

Exactly. Awww, OP I think that's just the sweetest thing ever! Lol. Did you invite him in?

damselchelle 4

I don't think OP wouldve been able to share this FML if she wouldve invited him in.

ImaWiseGuy 5

I would think your obligated at this point.....

party with them if you really have nothing to do.

FriskyTaco 0

This reminds me of the next-door neighbor on two and a half men..

YayaInLalaLand 0

I'm pretty sure he mean 'keeper' in a very sarcastic tone. Fail

Really 23? I'm pretty sure 18 was joking.

gutzz 0

lol, Ty 24. I guess my level of jokes is just too advanced for some people sometimes....

24 why can't you take a joke? 23 was obviously just joking.

gutzz 0

I don't knowwwww, didn't sound like a joke in my head. seemed more like 23 has a grammar nazi problem and jumped at the chance to correct "one"

cptmorgan15 2
gutzz 0

57, I was obviously joking...

Whatever number posts under me is clearly joking. Damn you people need to relax.

gutzz 0

nah, 64 is just joking guys

SoundnVasion 0

My cousin corey thinks life is a joke, he's in high school.

gutzz 0

70- that's gonna get old real quick.... like 2 minutes ago.

LSU33DucKAholiC 0

we need to stop joking around here ppl. ;P

mz_booty 0

45 "your angush sustains me" that's brilliant, I'll be using that! thanks

*facepalm* it was a joke. jeez what's wrong with people these days why does no one understand jokes anymore.

gutzz 0

wait... everything sounds funny in my head...

Autoshot 9

FML comments used to be fun to read.

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