By danielle887 - 07/07/2011 05:53 - United States

Today, I decided to pay a surprise visit to my family after I got some work leave. I drove over and knocked on the door, and a young couple answered. Apparently, my entire family decided to move to Texas, and didn't bother to tell me. FML
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Dude if your family seriously did that then that is the worst family I ever heard of. You make sure you get them back for that.

Maybe the new family will adopt you :p


you are not cared for anymore. fyl

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Maybe you should have called first...

A surprise visit doesn't require calling ahead of time, though. I guess he was bound to find out sooner or later.

surprise visiting is usel3ss, try ca11in f1rstt bc they could b at walmart buying some chips

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Imagine they were ******* with him o_0

The real FML here is that now, he has to visit his family in Texas..

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nothing, nothing at all is wrong with Texas. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!

I wonder if they were hiding his dead family in the closet.

there are some people I don't like from Texas.. they were jerks.. but there's nothing wrong with Texas otherwise!

am I they only one wondering where he works???

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good thing you didn't just walk right in.

I was joking. There's nothing wrong with Texas.

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Maybe the new family will adopt you :p

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well maybe the op lives in a separate house? she said surprise visit.

today some random guy showed up at my door saying he was part of my family fml haha

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Imagine how weird they felt.

Dude if your family seriously did that then that is the worst family I ever heard of. You make sure you get them back for that.

yeah get married or have kids without telling them!!!

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Are people really that insensitive in the united states?

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Of course not! They most likely placed a note buried under an oak tree that had their location on it.

No we arnt, here have a cookie. ^.^ *hands cookie* just kidding! *takes cookie back and eats it* insensitivity ftw!

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yes especially California which is supposed to have the worst people. I live there fml

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How can you possibly judge an entire country based on one story, one family?

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i agree with 33. that was a just a stupid thing to say.

Enough with the ******* US stereotypes, Jesus Christ

don't mess with America foo or we will go Chuck Norris on your ass

ya, we so badass the only war we lost was against ourselves

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You look like the kind of person who would have sex with me if I just asked ;)

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No way! Thank you for telling everyone!!

Ouch! but there's probably a reason they didn't tell u (;