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Today, I put on some goggles on in the pool, only to go underwater and see an old man "discreetly" jerking it. FML
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he was doing the dance, the jerk

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suck stupid auto correction on iPod

nothing better than a mouthful of water from the public pool

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Possible pedo vs. Possible jailbait.

omg ive never been this close to #1 b4!

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It's pretty damn hillarious that these desperate creeps are hitting on you online, haha. Hey, guys, you're not getting laid and/or nude pics from an online compliment!

well go suck him off then maybe u can get down and dirty;) hehe

you proly enjoyed watching him, didn't you

now thats what i call a sticky situation

he thought it was the ocean. all he was doin was makin sea men lol

(Patricks voice) SHES PERDY SPONGEBOB (referring to #1) 

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41 Just wait til the mods get you.

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water aerobics! Everyone needs exercise.

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I bet you went down there and helped him(; and WTF? how did he hold his breath that long??O:

You know the differnce between a nun and a chick in the tub? one has hope in her soul...

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I love how you take the time to put 'discretely' in quotes like that but it's still spelled wrong.

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you, my friend, fail...epically I might add.

I would have gotten out of that damn pool lol and warned all the girls walking around. that's just disgusting I'm going to think twice the next time I go swimming lol

#102 I guess he was a two pump chump

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that's y there is retirement, for that all day pool beat off session

haha I saw that once but it was a seven year old kid haha lols

you can turn that off in settings under keyboard

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mm.. mmm that reminds of when I was in the navy.

If only you could hold your breath longer..

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Hell yeah. That shit's $25 on payperview.

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did u suck on his snorkle for air?

that is soo disgusting. I hope you TATTLED on him.

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Didn't you read it? It says the only reason we wore the goggles was to watch the old man jerk it.

that's funny as **** now much too it I think you shoulda made a circle jerk in the pool.

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how can you seevinder water st a pond? Also how come you were looking at him underwater?

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Nobody ever said it was a pond. She said POOL

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The goggles, they do nothing !

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lol "is it a good idea to microwave old junk!?" lol

well i heard "if u dont use it u lose it" ....i take it he's tryna keep his

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hahaha! I guess you can't blame him for tryin not to lose it

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uhumm thats just nasty and for those of you who think she/he meant the jerk as in the dance, you stupid. because that wouldnt be an FML it would just be hilarious.

he was kidding. it's a double- meaning word

wow let the oldies enjoy they're dicks before they need meds

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Lol that is hilarious! old people need loving too!

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holy **** is that a girl or guy in ur pic, and I bet the girl helped him when she noticed

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you should have help him jerk it, since he's old he might have needed help. old people like it when the new generation help them.